Monday, January 31, 2011

Super Bowl Week: Monday

I'm not going to lie. I doubt I will post every day this week. But here is what I have thought about today:

-The NFL Network, starting today, is running ONE HUNDRED HOURS of LIVE coverage this week. I will probably watch a lot of it. Why not?

-People in Green Bay are now bitching that the Packers don't want to do their potential parade downtown because a) I guess the one in 1997 was a shitstorm and b) the downtown kinda sucks. So they are having one on the route from the airport to Lambeau, which is not any different in my mind. But someone has to complain about something, so some bitch called in the radio station and said they should just "change the name to the Ashwaubenon Packers, because the Packers don't care about the city of Green Bay." OK, first, Ashwaubenon basically fucking is Green Bay, so shut up. It isn't like they are having the parade in OshVegas or Milwaukee or something. If you didn't live here you would have no idea if you were in Green Bay or not, much like when you are in the Metrodome, you don't know if you are in Minneapolis, or hell. Second, did this person really say "they don't care about the city of Green Bay???" Why? Because the Packers single handedly bring in $18 million dollars to the entire county every single time they play a game? Because Green Bay as the world knows it EXISTS almost entirely because of the Packers? This bitch loves her some He Who Shall Not Be Named. I know it.

-Some homeless couple won a free trip to the Super Bowl. First, if they are Packer fans, good on them. I'm jealous, but I'm not going to hate. Second, you are a fucking dumbass if you are homeless and don't sell these. I don't know your whole story, but seriously, if I was homeless for more than a day and someone handed me $10,000 (I've heard these tickets are the kind that are more like $25,000), you better fucking believe I'm selling them immediately. If they end up going, they are not real homeless people. I'm just saying. Third, I would like to know HOW they won. Especially since this thing was based on social media (Facebook and Twitter) and was a scavenger hunt of sorts. My semi-limited experience with homeless people would lead me to believe that laptops are scarce among the homeless community. I'm just saying.

-If you root for the Steelers, you also rooted for the Nazis. Fact.


gotwinkies said...
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gotwinkies said...

Homeless people probably get their facebook/twitter fix from free computers/internet at the public library. Also, guessing they have some time to kill and search through these kind of contests, because well, they are homeless.

gotwinkies said...

That last line is complete crap. Let me remind you that the Packers are FAVORED in this game. And everybody knows that Vegas had the Nazis at -4 (3 pts. for home field) in or around 1942. Yet, we (we meaning people much older and braver than me) still whipped those krauts' asses.

Juicelaw said...

You also have some German blood in you I bet.

And if you root for the Steelers you also take the OVER (3.5) on attempted/alleged sexual assaults on intoxicated/underaged females in your lifetime. FACT.

gotwinkies said...

I DO NOT have any German in me. Unlike some Krauts that I know post on this blog.

You can't win if you root for either of these evil teams. It's the favored Nazis vs. the Rapists.

That's why I'm hoping for a tie with the collapse of Jerry Jone's stadium in overtime. Either that or I'll settle for a glimpse of Fergie's tit.