Saturday, January 8, 2011

I'll Survive Without Clay, and Bucky Will Too

John Clay is following the example of the immortal P.J. Hill and leaving early for the NFL despite the fact that he will not be picked anywhere near high enough to make most players traditionally want to leave. Clay is a lot better than P.J. Hill ever was, so I'm not going to say I am HAPPY he is leaving like I was when Hill left. And I don't blame Clay, because his stock is probably not going to get higher (in fact, he should've left last year). I guess my point in this rambling, incoherent post, is that Clay was only arguably the best RB on the team, and more likely part of a 3 headed monster with Ball and White. While 3 headed monsters are nice, they can get frustrating because Brett is more likely to not play the hot hand in order to give someone their share of the carries, which may not work out in the Badgers' best interest. Bucky will be fine, especially since there are two good freshman coming too. We will miss J.J. Watt a whole lot more.

Clay will stick in the league for quite a while if he can stay healthy. If P.J. Hill and DeShawn Wynn can play, Clay can. But he's probably not a starting back. But who knows? I never thought Ryan Grant was good until he got hurt and I had to watch Brandon Jackson play.

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