Sunday, December 12, 2010

Rants and Panic: Piping Hot

First, thank you to the Sports Bottle for your mighty fine contribution.

Second, thank you for fucking nothing Green Bay Packers.

Was that the most frustrating loss ever? It was right up there. Especially since it was a conference game and we needed to win that shit. As long as we won against the G-Men and the Lions, the other two games didn't matter that much because we probably would have at least a wild card wrapped up going into the Chicago game due to random conference tiebreakers. Instead, we fuck up our last easy game. Now, we probably have to beat New England AND have Minnesota beat Chicago AND beat Chicago ourselves to win the division. Oh, and we probably have to do it with Matty Flynn.

I mean Jesus do I take Rodgers for granted. He never wings random passes 12 yards over receivers heads. And never bounces them two yards short. I'm not really blaming Flynn for the loss. If he had ANY help at all from either the coaching staff, the offensive line, the receivers or the running backs, we win that game.

It was just embarrassing. I'm pissed beyond words. I can't even really enjoy the fact that CBS switched away from the Pats-Bears at HALFTIME because the Bears got raped so hard. And I'm not going enjoy watching the Eagles-Cowboys tonight because a) I have to root for the Cowboys and b) the week in fantasy is pointless.

Of course fucking Tampa Bay won too. Just in case the Pack couldn't be more fucked. I knew the instant Rodgers got hit that he was done. He had no idea where he was for the next two plays. In fact, one has to wonder if he was concussed in warmups or something.

Maybe the Packers plane crashed due to weather and they were ALL concussed? McCarthy certainly loved the following plays today:

1) Draw plays that lose a yard. Especially on a huge 3rd and 1 in the fourth quarter after your backup quarterback marched down the field with 8 to 9 yard passes.

2) 3 yard passes to slow white fullbacks turned running backs on 3rd and 8. Did it at least three times.

3) Screen passes to your slowest running back not named Jon Kuhn (Dimitri Nance).

4) Bombs on 4th and 1 from your backup QB who was missing most receivers by multiple yards.

5) 3 step drops with press coverage, backed up by a tight zone, when your offensive line was getting dominated.

6) Any play that did not require the QB to roll out (minus almost every Flynn completion, and the Jennings two handed pass to the DB)

To his credit, I've never seen McCarthy as angry as I did today.

The o-line took a HUGE step back today. Part of the blame goes to Flynn who clearly hasn't mastered the art of stepping up in the pocket like A-Rodg. I think A-Rodg has learned the limitations and masks some of the problems. I'm not a coach, and I don't know how to fix the issues on the line, but they were really bad. And probably concussed.

The receivers legitimately seemed to not give a shit. Jennings seemed to take the rest of the game off after dropping the perfect pass from A-Rodg. Driver seemed to not make an effort to catch some of the passes. I thought James Jones had stayed in the locker room after warmups. How do you not get open against this secondary? I know that there were probably twice as many in coverage as normal due to the o-line getting violated by Suh and Co., but Jesus.

And why did we only blitz Stanton like once? And when we did he panicked. We gave him ALL DAY in the pocket. We sorely missed Cullen Jenkins.

I'm more angry now than I was twenty minutes ago. We probably can't lose another game. And I really don't see Matt Flynn beating New England. I wish it was 1992 and we could ignore concussions, damn the long term health consequences.

I just blacked out. I bet that made no sense.End rant.

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