Monday, December 13, 2010

Death of a Legend? Birth of a Leader?

ESPN has run their 40 minute "He Who Shall Not Be Named is Dead" montage a minimum of 6 times now. Twice after he retired from the Pack, once after the Jets, once after the Vikings, once after he broke his foot in 13 places in the first Packer game, and once tonight after his suspension for sending cock pictures was handed down. They are good to do it at least two more times: once after he gets the remainder of his suspension (put on IR) and once when he tearfully realizes that Chilly isn't sending Longwell down to Mississippi to get him.


The "leaders" division? Really? We couldn't use a color or something? That is awful. I also saw a few of the trophy names, and had some questions. Such as the "Nagurski-Woodson" defensive player of the year. Was Charles Woodson REALLY one of the two best defensive players in Big Ten history? I know he won the Heisman. And I know he was really, really good. But didn't he only win the Heisman because he also played reciever and returned kicks? I don't remember the first 100 years or so of B10 Ten Football, but I think LaVar Arrington was better than Woodson as a pure defensive player. I'm just saying. Also, was Desmond Howard one of the two best WRs ever? Never mind, Pat Richter is also part of this, and he is from Wisconsin, and Howard was the hero of the only Packer Super Bowl, so I'll allow it. Also, I love Charles Woodson, so forget I mentioned it.

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