Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year Things

Not too much exciting going on for New Year's Eve. I'm putting on my blue hair hat and going to dinner at like 2:30 p.m. (5 p.m.). I guess it is to avoid the crowds. I dunno. Probably have a few pops. I'm feeling like hell due to the full blown AIDS I contracted at Lambeau on Sunday, so I'm guessing it won't get too crazy. Perhaps I will go see Warrant tonight? That could be awesome. And Firehouse is with them!!!

I feel like I should be more excited for the Rose Bowl than I am. I'm not sure why I'm not more pumped up. Maybe because the game is relatively meaningless and I'm jaded by college football's "postseason"? I mean, I will watch, but definitely it means nothing more than the "Bridgepoint Education Holiday Bowl", so it is like an NFL preseason game with a pretty background. The Rose Bowl to me is the only bowl game that I seem to feel like really watching every year besides the fake championship. Probably because the B12 Ten is involved. Am I not that excited because the Badgers have been in it in recent memory? I remember shitting myself over it in '94 because they had never done it in my lifetime and were always terrible. But right now, we are fortunate that the program is in a great place, and we are always potentially in contention. I guess it is a good thing that I'm not overly excited. Still wish I could be there. It will be 80% Badger fans tomorrow. Bucky 31-20.

Speaking of Bucky, thank you to the B12 Ten for scheduling Wisconsin at #18 Illinois at the same time as the Packer game.

I've got Bucky hanging on to win this one. I'm not sure why. UW 68, Ill 66.

Vegas thinks the Bears will rest people on Sunday obviously, making the Pack 10 point favorites. Let's hope that is the case. I like the Pack 20-13. Still holding out hope for the ticket fairy to call my phone and offer me face value tickets.

Finally, enjoy the random Don Majkowski photo gallery and another one. Happy new year!

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gotwinkies said...

I predict you stumble unto a random bottle of Andre and it turns out to be a great night, well, except for the shittiness you will feel tomorrow.