Sunday, December 12, 2010

Packer Stream of Consciousness

In honor of Juice's triumphant return, I offer this series of random thoughts.

I join as the Packers have already coughed up the ball and Drew Stanton gave it right back. Why wouldn't the Lions just keep running the ball?

Who did Jahvid Best piss off?

Just to clarify, there were no Dodge Challenger SRTs during the Revolutionary War. There may have been Chargers, though.

I do agree with Juice about the Pack by more than 7 (Jesus, that Dodge commercial is on AGAIN). But I didn't take the point spread today. I took the money line in an 11 team parlay.

I am starting a Dodge Revolutionary War commercial tally. I think we are at 3 but it could be 4.

I am pleased that I'm not working today. This weather makes for a very busy shift.

The Lions suck every year. I don't care how close the games have been. 2-10 sucks no matter how you look at it.

They keep talking about Woodson vs Johnson but I Tramon seems to be covering him.

Its the first commercial every time - 4. I'm not a fan of the Challenger. It's boring.

My recent cohabitation has some huge advantages. Tops on that list is the fact she's doing all the Christmas shopping. She loves it. I hate it. It works out.

Starks runs hard, but he will never break a tackle.

I'm thinking about ordering that cheesy bites pizza.

After almost an entire fantasy football season I need to point out that every single game I've watched/listened to that had one or more opposing fantasy player, said fantasy player/players have scored a touchdown. It is absolutely unbelievable. Last week I was in a close matchup going into the Colts Sunday night game. I had Peyton Manning. My opponent had Reggie Wayne. Wayne outscored Manning by 2 to 1. How is that possible? I will never get used to a point per reception. I hate it. One week I was listening to one game on the radio and they cut to a Lions game that was at the end of the 4th quarter. They stayed with that game for one play and that one play was a Calvin Johnson touchdown (I was playing against him).

Wow Jennings. Was that a volleyball set? That pass was perfect and Jennings gently sets it to the DB for the pick. I'm getting a very bad feeling about this game. It's very similar to the Bears game. We're gonna have 14 turnovers but lose by a FG or less.

The D is stepping up. Clutch stop on 3rd and less than 1.

Other than the score, that's about as bad a first quarter as the Packers can have.

Too many 3rd and longs.

False start, 3rd and longer.

3rd and long. Here comes a play that has no chance of a first down.

Yep, short dump pass to Kuhn.

I may be the only one, but I like the FOX dancing robot dude.

Vikings game to be played in Detroit? There will be 6 people in attendance.

A reverse should never work in the NFL, but Calvin Johnson just gained 10+.

I would like to thank Schmock for drafting my crappy team and for also drafting his awesome team. Speaking of Schmock, his house will be our New Years Day destination.

INT!!!! I may have to buy Drew Stanton a beer after the game.

Continuing...... Last year, Schmock and significant other were randomly in my town on New Years Day so they randomly come over at 9am. It turns out to be one of the greatest random drinking days in history. We won a bunch of money and drank for 12 hours. We're gonna attempt to recreate that day although Mrs Schmock is +1 and won't be able to enjoy the alcoholic beverages. The Badgers play a midday Rose Bowl game, which will make the day that much more fun.

First two things I will implement when I become NFL commissioner.
  1. 15 yard penaly every time a player signals first down after getting a first down.
  2. Automatic turnover every time a receiver begs for pass interference.

Also, I'm mulling over what kind of penalty to assess when a special teams loser goes absolutely crazy after making a tackle on punt/kickoff return, especially when getting blown out.

3rd and 11 - quick out route by Driver. WHAT THE FUCK? We are not even trying for a 1st down on 3rd and long.

Gulliver's Travels - looks like a fun movie.

What's a jackwagon?

If the Lions stop passing the ball, they will win.

I've officially joined the world of online gaming. I joined Xbox live about a month ago. It's a lot of fun. I'm playing Call of Duty Black Ops and Need For Speed Hot Pursuit. Both very good games. I get my ass kicked at Call of Duty. Everyone else has been playing all the Call of Duty games for years. I rule at Need for Speed so I'm playing that more often.

Who wants to come to my Million Dollar Money Drop party?

Fuck, that Jennings drop was huge.

New beer review - Sam Smith Oatmeal Stout. Instantly one of my favorite beers. Simply delicious. Served from a pint bottle.

Has there been a worse 9-3 team than the Bears?

A draw on 2nd and 23 - brilliant.

In 5 weeks I will be relaxing on the beach in Jamaica.

3rd and 17 - screen to Brandon Jackson. 2 yard gain. I'm losing my patience.

We were in Chicago for a couple nights a couple weeks ago. Went to my first Blackhawks game. It was the best live sports event I've ever been to. There were 12 goals, 3 fights and the Blackhawks won. We had great seats. The national anthem was awesome b/c the crowd goes crazy the whole time.

I miss Jermichael Finley.

Ummmmm, Rodgers is out? This is not good.

Could I have picked a more boring half of football to blog? No score.

Another 3rd and over 10. Matt Flynn at QB. Odds aren't good. Short pass to Brandon Jackson.

Rodgers suffered a concussion???????????????????????????????????? Jesus fucking Christ. Fucking idiot. Why do QBs always get hurt if they don't slide?

Why did McCarthy not challenge that Jennings non-catch in the endzone? I like McCarthy, but he has to be the all time worst at challenging plays. He's the best at challenging plays he has no chance of winning and not challenging plays he could win. I think that Jennings play was a catch. The ball bounced but I think his had was under it.

I've ended this post 3 times now but keep coming back to add on. The Packers are about to lose.

What was Flynn thinking with that INT in the end zone? Even without Levy sitting there and the ball hitting him in the chest, that pass still had no chance to be completed. But Flynn never plays, so what else can we expect.

BUT, the play calling at the end was beyond any measure of reason. We have 2nd and short in Lions territory with about 90 seconds remaining. We then run a draw to Brandon Jackson. A. DRAW. TO Brandon Jackson. Then Flynn throws a pass that looks like my dog threw it. And the cherry on top is a deep pass on 4th and 1? Why is that route even part of a pass play on 4th and 1 with a minute remaining? And Flynn does the only possible thing he simply can't do. Jennings doesn't have a chance to catch it and there's no chance for interference b/c it's not catchable.

Packers win easily if Rodgers doesn't get hurt.

Dear God, it's your best buddy 7-3 ifSports Bottle (happy early birthday by the way!!!!!), please give the Patriots a victory. I know you truly care who wins that game. Amen.

I'm done.

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