Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Beef O' Brady Sounds Awful

A few random thoughts:

-Is someone really going to sit there and make the claim that Bowl games are important and have history, while we have the fucking "Beef O' Brady's Bowl in St. Petersburg Florida" last night? I'm in a bowl pool and I couldn't bring myself to watch more than about 5 minutes. Also, Boise St. is playing in a December 22nd bowl called the Macco Bowl Las Vegas. Christ. (To be fair, Brent Musberger is announcing it, and he is selling it).

- A-Rodg is starting, which is good. This makes my weekend more fun. Because winning and being drunk is a lot more fun than losing and being drunk (more on this later in the week).

-Big OJSFA title game coming up: Me v. Schmock. Alleged Double Murder Bowl V preview later in the week too.

-Every time I might feel sorry for He Who Shall Not Be Named for almost dying in a football game. He goes and does something like telling Julius Peppers to "Beat the Packers", and then I remember that he is a horrible human being, and a lying piece of shit, and if there was a hell, there would be a special place in it for him.

-I didn't bother looking at the Top 50 all-time Viking list. I figured it would be Tarkenton, Foreman, Allan Page, Ahmad Rashad, Cris Carter, and a bunch of dudes I've barely heard of. Then I heard that Jared Fucking Allen was on it, and I wanted to see it less. What a joke. He Who Shall Not Be Named HAD to be on it then, doesn't he? Was Randy Moss on it? How about Adrian Peterson? I mean really, I'm not looking at the list, so maybe they are there and I just didn't care. I'm not even sure why I'm complaining about this. Oh, and nice fucking job freaking out about getting "screwed" out of your seat when they moved the game to TCF, and then NOT FUCKING SHOWING UP. A 3/4 full 50,000 seat stadium is an embarrassment.

-The Bucks, playing Andrew Bogut, a 5'3" guard and 8 other guys I've never heard of beat the Lakers. Hey, how bout that?

-Rex Ryan has a foot fetish. (Gross).

-Oh, and this is funny.