Sunday, December 19, 2010

Blah Blah Blah

In case anyone was wondering, that is a recent photo of Juice.

I'm liking how the Packers are looking so far. Flynn looks a little scared at times but looks extremely confident when he throws. That pass to James Jones was a beauty.

15 yard penalty called on the Pats 2 minutes after the play was over. (10-7 at this point - 5 minutes remaining in 1st half)

I swear, our RBs pick the wrong spot to run every.....single....time.

Why aren't the Pats blitzing on every play? Flynn looks good when he has time.

3rd dropped pass. Come on guys, we can't afford that.

Wow did the Giants lay an egg today. I watched that entire 4th quarter. Amazing.

Beautiful screen play in the red zone to Kuhn. 1st and goal.

Empty backfield, I'm liking this. Pass interference call. 1st and goal at the 1. If I see a pass play, other than a playaction roll out...... Nevermind, TD pass to Jennings from the shotgun!

17-7! Wow, Flynn has been impressive. Kudos to the great playcalling so far. Notice I say "so far."

If Desean Jackson hadn't returned that punt today, that kickoff return by the O-lineman would be the worst special teams coverage of all time.

You had to expect at least one pick-6 this game.

Kuhn is great at jumping to get an extra yard or two.

I would have my hair like that if Gisele wanted me to. That would be low on the list of absurd things I would do if she wanted me to.

Who's gonna spend $50 in our fantasy league to pick up Flynn this week?

Wilfork just ripped Jackson's head off by the facemask.

Anyone see the Austin Collie hit today? I don't wince very often, but Christ that looked bad.

Again, I need to thank Vincent Jackson for redeeming my entire fantasy year. I'm keeping him again next year.

Kuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Those swing passes NEVER work, except when you're Matty Flynn. 24-21. Over/under was 42.

Raji stepping up today. Another punt for the Pats. A TD to go up by 10 would be great right here.

Flynn has done great on the play fakes.

Kuhn has been amazing tonight.

I can't wait for the NHL Winter Classic. New Years Day has a shitload of stuff to watch. That game, bowl games, UFC fight. I will be drunk.

1st and goal from the 1. Two straight quick dives to Kuhn and a crappy looking pass play. I will tell you right now, we are going to lose this game and not scoring right there will be the reason why. I'm not even gonna be pissed because I'll be used to the idea by then.

I would have bet a lot of money the Pats were gonna get a TD, so holding them to a FG is a good thing. 27-24 Packers. I see a 31-27 loss for the Packers.

Packer punt. Time for the D to step up. How about we actually make an interception? We've dropped at least 2.

Patriots change it up and go no-huddle and score like there was no D out there. Ouch, that hurts. Can Flynn play clutch football? 31-27 (uh-oh).

Peanut M&Ms are the superior M&M, in my opinion.

What was that 3rd and 8 play? Are you serious? Flynn lofts one up to Quarless? WHAT???????????

I gotta say I'm pleasantly surprised by the Packers' performance. Other than that 3rd and 8 play, the playcalling has been perfect. I can't say I think we'd be better off at this point in this game if Rodgers was playing.

Why don't they always use that view from behind the QB? It is by far the best view. You can see the holes RBs run through. You can see the routes.

Flynn throws an incredibly stupid pass that gets picked with less than 4 minutes left. But wait! Illegal hands to the face! Damn right, he's been doing it all game!!!! 1st down Packers!!!

35 yard line. 2 minute warning. 31-27. First NFL start. What will Matty Flynn do? I'm liking my 31-27 guess more and more.

Holy. Shit. The time between the last pass completion and the snap of the final play was one of the most painful moments in my NFL viewing history. I felt sad. I felt bad for Flynn. He had no idea what to do. What I expected to see in this game didn't happen until 23 seconds left in the game, but it definitely happened.

Go Vikings.

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