Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Full Blown

So either I caught full blown AIDS at the Packer game this weekend, or I just got a really bad cold, and I'm too damn old to drink as much as I did. Either way, I feel a little under the weather on Wednesday night. On the bright side, I'm sitting back watching Creighton take on Illinois St. on ESPN3 in all of its non-HD glory.


You are a useless franchise. Truly. I need you to beat the Giants. The roof caves in on your shitty "stadium" and you get killed. I need you to beat the Bears. The roof continues to cave in, 13,000 fans show up (clearly an outdoor stadium is wanted) and you get killed. I need you to LOSE to the Eagles, and you win. I fucking hate you. Now if the Pack is able to replicate what happened last weekend, we get the honor of facing the Philidelphia Eagles and thier dog murdering QB.


Is the Packers-Bears rivalry as good right now as it has been historically? Probably not. But could it get there? I think Sunday is going to go a long way towards finding that out. How much do the Bears hate the Packers? Will Lovie play his most valuable players in a game that is probably pointless to them (unless somehow Atlanta loses vs Carolina AND the Saints lose vs the Bucs) just to try to keep the Pack out? Personally, I think this is a game the Pack wins regardless unless Hurricane Ditka shows up. Even if Lovie plays everyone, you gotta think they are going to be looking forward to thier week off in Cabo, and to not hurting themselves. I'm a little worried that we will have a special teams meltdown, since it will be 14 days since the last time Shawn Slocum's crew lost a game for us ( a season long!!), but otherwise, the Packers have played extremely well the last two weeks.


It is pretty hard to get too worked up about this sham of a game, especially since the guys I'm about to bitch about not getting selected, or getting selected will inevitably back out anyway leaving A.J. Hawk as the starting MLB for the NFC, and Jarret Bush as a starting safety.

Tramon Williams is a Pro Bowler. D'Angelo Hall had like 5 of his 6 INTs in ONE GAME against Jay Cutler, and played on one of the worst defenses in the NFL. He is not a Pro Bowler. Woodson might be, even in a down year, because he is awesome in many aspects of defense (tackling, blitzing). However, he is not as good as Williams right now. Or at least he isn't better.

I don't know how you name a left tackle for Pro Bowl, but Clifton has gotten beaten like a drum on a lot of occasions this year. He's had a great career, so if this is a career achievement award, then fine, but he is not all-star caliber.

In conclusion, I would like to make to final points:

1) I made the above conclusions based on watching 15 Packer games and parts of whatever was shown on my television.

2) None of the Packers will be playing in the Pro Bowl because of the Super Bowl the next week...


For the fourth straight year, I would like to continue my crusade to give every American the day off of work when there is a sporting event not normally played during a weekday, played on a weekday. Like today. I missed the Armed Forces, or Bell Helicopter or Bowl today while I worked. Bullshit. C'mon Tea Party. Do something for fucking me!

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