Saturday, December 11, 2010

Facebook Killed the Blog (Not Really) Star

My brother was right. One of the biggest reasons that posting has come to a total halt was my joining Facebook. It is a lot easier to bullshit to all of my friends through a series of two sentence status updates every few days, than it is to think of something long-winded and funny on this here deal. It doesn't help that the other memebers of this blog have long given up contributing anything, probably due to the fact that they are all dead. Part of the fun was getting others to join in. Anyway, after a conversation with my brother, which consisted of BBMs, because I don't actually talk to anyone anymore, I felt the urge to try again, while I wait for him to invite me to a new blog, which may or may not ever happen.

Perfect opportunity for the first post of any kind in nearly two months. I DD'd for a surprise birthday party for one of my wife's friends last night. Nothing better than getting up at 5:45 am for work, and staying up sober until 3 am. Hence the 12:30 pm post as I sit in my PJs drinking coffee like it is 8am. This weekend is going to be a total waste. An upcoming birthday party for four year olds, and 15 inches of snow, before a 7:30 am volunteering commitment tomorrow makes Juice a sad boy. I might as well just go to work right now. At least there are three sports items (two of which I'm probably not going to see live) to look forward to this weekend.

Firt we have the annual UW-Marquette game. This one takes on a new meaning because Vander Blue and his suddenly fatter wallet is prominently involved. Niether team is great, but MU probably wins this one at home. Bucky doesn't have a guy that can go out and take over a game by himself. Leuer is great but he needs someone to get him the ball. Taylor is occaisionally that guy, but he is too inconsistent. They are prone to long offensive droughts, which is going to hurt them against Marquette. The plan is to set the DVR, listen to the first half on the radio and then hope my father in-law turns off Teletubbies at this birthday party and has it on. Otherwise I will avoid knowledge and watch the second half tonight. Probably what happens is that it gets ruined at some point.

Second, we have St. Joe's traveling to the phone booth to take on Creighton. Live on ESPN3!!!! Pretty pumped about this. The only game I've actually been able to view was when John (the whitest guy you know) Shurna put on a dunking display for Northwestern, and the Wildcats beat the shit out of my Jays in Evanston. CU is not in any way going to make the tourney short of a MVC tournament title. But I will enjoy watching the proable drunken Saturday night crowd at Qwest Center lead the Jays to a win, while I miss Omaha.

Third, there will be the beating the Pack will put on Detroit Sunday. The Lions are a lot better than their record indicates, but Drew Stanton does nothing to scare me. I'm getting pretty jacked up for the drunken Christmas weekend game in two weeks, as Richard, my brother and a few other friends gather for the Giants game. Pack by more than a TD.

So what else? I've got a beard. That is fun. Not the greatest ever, but my wife somehow likes it, so I will keep it around awhile.

Oh, and here is the 3rd annual bracket for Juice's Dream D-I NCAA Football Get Together!!!

Here are the rules if you have forgotten. 32 teams. Champions of all 11 conferences get auto-bids (yes, even Florida International). Top 8 seeds host the first two rounds (even if that top seed gets eliminated). 8 4-team regionals. Quarterfinals are the Fiesta, Cotton, Citrus and Peach bowls. Semifinals are the Orange and Sugar. Final is the Rose Bowl. Here is the bracket, results to come at a later date assuming I don't stop blogging again:

1) Auburn
4) Florida International

2)Oklahoma St.
3) Missouri


1) Arkansas
4) West Virginia

2) Stanford
3) Miami (OH)


1) Oklahoma
4) Air Force

2) LSU
3) South Carolina


1) Boise St.
4) Mississippi St.

2) Virginia Tech
3) Northern Illinois


1) Oregon
4) UConn

2) Utah
3) Nebraska


1) Wisconsin
4) Florida St.

2) Ohio St.
3) Central Florida


1) TCU
4) USC

2) Alabama
3) Hawaii


1) Nevada
4) Tulsa

2) Michigan St.
3) Texas A&M

You may hear from me later if I don't die in this blizzard. Peace Out.

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