Sunday, December 19, 2010

I've Got Wood

I never thought I'd get a repeat on the excitement that was generated when the Milwaukee Brewers acquired C.C. Sabathia a few years ago en route to an, albeit short, playoff berth. Mark Attanasio must have a huge anus, because it can't feel good pulling Zack Greinke out of your ass. This is going for broke, especially if the Brewers are in relative contention when the trade deadline passes but don't make the playoffs. That is the worst case scenario. If that happens they won't trade Prince Fielder and they will get nothing for him. That would blow because Prince is out like Juice in dodgeball after this year.

I do have to express my sadness about getting rid of Alcides Escobar and Lorenzo Cain, more Cain though. Cain is gonna be a stud. Escobar is a unique defensive talent but his bat is a dime a dozen. Betancourt is pretty much an older version. His numbers at the plate last year were more productive. But with Cain gone, and I suspect he was our starting center fielder for the next dozen years, does this mean we get Carlos Gomez in center? I have done zero research about this, but no one else comes to mind. If this is the case, that is going to hurt. Gomez is a the rare player with a body type for one thing (power hitter) but raw skills for another thing (speedy leadoff hitter). In other words, he tries to slug but can't. If he can learn his identity, maybe he can be a consistent contributer, because he's faster than shit and is very good defensively.

Be very careful with your enthusiasm. It's understandable to be thinking playoffs but I'm getting the feeling of a slow start because expectations are going to be so high. Every article is talking about the Brewers' great offense, but they're not consistent, which cost them a ton of games last year. Great pitching can't rescue an offense that doesn't produce consistently.

Ted Thompson, take a cue from Attanasio. You do what you need to do to win. Thompson simply will not pull the trigger on a big move. When Ryan Grant got hurt he needed to get out there and find a suitable replacement (i.e. Marshawn Lynch). Now the Packers play the Patriots with no running game AND no passing game, unless Matt Flynn also has a huge anus. Patriots favored by 14.5. Hmmm, Patriots at home, hottest team in the NFL, Aaron Rodgers out, Matt Flynn in...... Patriots 27-10.
College Bowl Pick 'em is starting off decently. A thank you goes to Juice for allowing me to continue my degenerative ways by spending $20 on a pick 'em pool. Fuck Troy.

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