Sunday, July 25, 2010

Weekend Musings

-Happy 2006 every one! I officially became the last human being to join facebook yesterday. It really is an ingenious machine. What is great is that I've been on it for a day and I've already ignored two friend requests. And my mom made me here friend within 30 seconds of me signing up. Needless to say, it is going to be alot more G rated than this blog is. Hence the anonymous name. I was mildly obsessed about it for about a half day yesterday, but the excitement has worn off. I'm that guy. Now if I could just get an iPhone, I would be as cool as SportsBottle.

-I came to the realization that the past two days was the first time all season that I didn't see/follow/hear at least one pitch of back to back Brewer games. Yes, they are officially done. Also, of course Corey Hart dove into the wall and hurt himself. Thank you to Doug Melvin for screwing this one up by standing around playing with himself while we have a guy that is clearly playing out of his mind that needs to be traded now.

-My brother called me yesterday to tell him that a random co-worker of his told him that Prince was traded to the White Sox for Gavin Floyd, Gordon Beckham and a prospect. I immediately went online and couldn't even find a rumor of this. This person is an idiot.

-Seriously, football needs to start like yesterday.

-I toured the facilities for the site of the OJSFA draft on August 14th last night. I was impressed. It was nicer than I thought it would be. Mark's dog nearly ate me though. Who is going to be the first to feed it booze?

-Madden is coming out on August 10th. I will be at the store purchasing it. Allegedly they made it so you can play whole games in half the time now. Not sure how that works. But I'm excited. And I'm 29.

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