Saturday, July 31, 2010

Atari, Hart, Dez, Madden, Zombies

Three thoughts:

First, what the fuck is Atari Bigby's problem? First, he screws around trying to get some kind of long term, lucrative deal from the Pack, because he is upset that he got screwed out of unrestricted free agency. He might have been rightfully pissed, but if his agent and his union had been doing their job, they could've avoided whatever surprise there was and tried to get something worked out before he got screwed. So he doesn't sign his RFA tender, and nobody offers him more money, because he was half injured, half not very good last year. The Packers go out and draft Morgan Burnett, who is probably his replacement. Rather than react to this drafting by signing his tender, showing up to offseason workouts and trying to stop Burnett from taking his job, he drags things out even longer, eventually getting even LESS money because the Packers reduced his tender after nobody else could sign him anyway. Then he signs like the week before training camp, and shows up with an injury and fails his physical. What exactly was the thinking here? Its like he kept it a secret all summer because the Packers doctors hadn't seen him since last January. Was he rehabbing it correctly? What was he doing exactly? Now Burnett is going to get reps with the ones until Bigby gets healthy. Thanks Atari.

Second, I'm not thrilled that the Crew hasn't made any moves. Maybe they didn't get offered enough. I don't have a big problem not shipping Fielder if the offers weren't great. But Hart can't be worth that much can he? I hope it was the injury that hampered this and not the Crew looking to get blown away. This has opened the door for a August/September where Corey remembers he's Corey and hits .210 with 3 HRs. And then they get nothing in the winter for Hart.

I'm going on record as being glad that Dez Bryant got hurt. Why has everyone just jumped on the Cowboys bandwagon all of a sudden? Not that the Packer's bandwagon isn't full. But the Cowboys did virtually nothing but draft Bryant, and suddenly they are the favorites. Shouldn't the Saints be considered favorites? Maybe the Queens if He comes back? I don't know why I have a problem with people thinking the Cowboys are good. Perhaps because I hate them and their fans are douchebags. That might be it.

Madden 11 comes out in 10 days. I downloaded the demo. It was fun. I will buy it. I'm almost 30.

I watched Zombieland last night. Fucking spectacular. One of the better movies I've seen in awhile. Best Abigail Breslin performance by far.

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