Saturday, July 3, 2010

More Nightmares and an Interesting Debate

First, I am messed up. I had a dream that I had some sort of injury that put me in a coma or something, and within like a day, my wife screwed former Packer WR Ruvell Martin. Why? No fucking clue. Maybe because I saw him a few weeks back in Green Bay? Most. Random Dream Ever. You know what though? If I had a choice between me and Ruvell Martin, I would probably screw Ruvell Martin too.


I was listening to ESPN Radio 540 in Milwaukee yesterday (I can get it kind of fuzzy in GB, and it is approximately 10,000 times more entertaining than listening to Harry Sydney stutter (great man, just not on the radio)). Every day they have Jason Wilde on, and he is really good. Anyway, they randomly started a debate: "Would the Packers have won a Super Bowl, either in '96, '97, or some other year, had He Who Shall Not Be Named never been on the Packers?"

This is a fascinating debate, that I had never thought of before, and quite frankly, 4 years ago I would've said that you were crazy for asking. Obviously there is a TON that goes into this, and it is hard to say how things would shake out depending on who was on the roster and who wasn't each year. But lets just assume that the roster was exactly the same, except that He wasn't there starting in 1992. That the receivers, running backs, defense, etc. were all the same. And that He didn't have an effect on the skill level of the players that were there (which 4 years ago I would've said he absolutely did, then I saw what he did to A-Peter this year, and now I'm not so sure).
Someone random would've had to start in '92-'95 probably. And I use those years because by 1996, there was another QB that could've been on the roster had He not been, and this QB led the NFL in passing yards and went to a Pro Bowl with another team. This person was Mark Brunell.
Pro Football Reference lists players with "similar careers" for each player through a certain number of years in their career. A quick look at Mark Brunell lists none other than "He Who Shall Not Be Named" as one of the top ten most similar QBs through 5 years of their careers. He Who Shall Not Be Named's first five years were: 1991-1995. Brunell's were 1994-1998.
A skeptic/person who is really a Minnesota Viking fan claiming they "just want Him to do well", would say, "Well after year 5, He isn't most comparable to Brunell, and year 6 is when He won an MVP and a Super Bowl." OK, fine, check out the comparables for the first six and seven career years for Brunell. Who is most comparable? Ever heard of Tom Brady? Statistically, this was before Brady went apeshit in the 18-1 season, but he had also won three Super Bowls in his first seven years. Think Tom Brady might have been able to win at least one Super Bowl in the mid to late 90's with the defense the Packers had? I would argue that Reggie White had just as much to do with winning as He did. And Mike Holmgren was no slow leak. Pretty sure he could've figured out a way to not have his QB throw 15 INTs a year, and win a title. So in closing, I think in general, He Who Shall Not Be Named gets too much credit.

I'm not taking anything away from what He did. He was great, and He was in the right place at the right time, for the right team. I loved watching Him, and He is definitely in the top 5 Packers (and possibly NFL QB) of all time. But He's also a cocksucker who plays for the Vikings so I don't feel bad for pissing on his legacy, because he certainly doesn't.


Funny how LeBron was headline news on every media outlet, and coincidentally, someone "accidentally" notified the media that He Who Shall Not Be Named was throwing footballs to high schoolers. I mean, I did drive past a local high school practicing the other day, and ESPN was there too, so maybe this isn't a big deal. He is an unbelievable whore. Odds on him returning are something like 100,000:2.


gotwinkies said...

In other news, Mark Brunell just filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy....

Juicelaw said...

He Who Shall Not Be Named just cut his grass. What is your point?