Thursday, July 1, 2010

Bucks make their Free Agency move!

So the Bucks have been one of the earliest movers in this year's off season, they've made a few trades to bring in CDR and Corey Maggette and now they've struck one of the first deals in the free agency market by signing Drew Gooden to a 5 year, 32 million dollar contract. I like the contract's monetary value, not necessarily the length... 3 years, 20 million would have sat a lot better with me. Gooden is the epitome of NBA journeyman, he's been on about 6 teams in the last 3 years. I'm not sure what the logic behind this was, after we drafted 3 big men and already have Ilyasova. My major hope? This was the first step of a multi phased plan that Hammond has to make a trade to steal some players from teams looking to dump cap room for this monster FA season. Ilyasova's contract is very tempting for his value vs cap hit, so maybe Hammond is planning on using Gooden as a stop gap while the guys he drafted get NBA-ready and dealing Ersan.

Did I just use the term multi phased plan as if to insinuate that John Hammond was some sort of evil genius? You bet your ass I did. Fear the Deer.

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