Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Plane Has Crashed Into The Mountain

"This team is toast."--Tom Hardicourt. I really couldn't have said it better. Pity poor Hardicourt for being forced to watch this shit on a daily basis. At least I can change the channel. He ends the article with "They are embarrassing themselves." Wow.

On the bright side, guess who's not going to work, but going to Miller Park with a bunch of drunken factory workers? This guy! And who is going to a game on Saturday? This guy! And who is going to the second annual Brewers-Cubs, try not to get murdered because not only are the FIBs drunk, but they are also bitter because the Cubs are somehow worse than the Brewers, game in September. Wheeeee!

Seriously, fucking trade Corey Hart right this fucking instant. And listen REALLY hard on Prince. That is all.


Like I'm not watching that shit tonight. Although "sources" have already leaked that he is going to the Heat. Although it has already been definitively reported that he was going to Chicago, New York and Cleveland this week too, so I don't take alot of stock in "sources". Also, whoever wrote the article on that I didn't read that said that this was worse than anything He Who Shall Not Be Named has done to America, is an idiot. Le Bron hasn't done this six straight years.


JM said...

I, a loyal, unaffiliated reader, am hosting a tailgate party for about 70 people at the front of the Molitor (formerly Giants) lot. Feel free to stop by as there will be plenty of beer and brats! If you want more info, let me know.

Bear said...

Corey Hart's trade value will never be higher than it is in the summer of 2010. We can't take a chance that he'll revert and we end up with absolutely nothing for him when we could actually get quality players back right now.

Juicelaw said...

I really appreciate the offer. I'm guessing you meant yesterday. I was with my dad so that might have gotten odd.

Thanks for reading too.

JM said...

I did not mean yesterday. Tomorrow (Saturday) is the big bash. If you are going to be in the Molitor Lot area, we should be right in front near a white Chevy Traverse (SUV). If you want to stop by, just ask for Jamie.