Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Every Time I Think I'm Done....

Two days pass and this dipshit gives another interview. Just look at some of these quotes:

"I don't think I can let these guys down. I know football is a business, but more than anything, I felt like there was unfinished business. All of a sudden, "Oh man, as much as I don't want to go through that again, I almost feel as if I owe these guys something." And that is something, I admit, I have not felt in a long time."

(Really? Really you cocksucker? You didn't feel like you owed the Packers anything after you did the EXACT SAME FUCKING THING on your last pass in GB? Obviously the team you wouldn't share a dorm room with was owed something. Not the team you spent 16 years with.)

"Hell, you gotta quit sometime. Then again, maybe I'll be doing this when I'm 50 years old. Who knows?"

(I know. As long as someone with a digital recorder is willing to put it in front of your face in 10 years. You will be doing this at age 50.)

He also claims that he isn't doing this to get out of training camp. Is America this dumb? I mean, America is SUPER dumb. But does anyone still believe his bullshit?

I'm sorry. I thought I quit. But I almost fell off the treadmill when I heard this.

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