Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I Smell a DL Trip for Yo

Today marked the fourth straight below average (at best) start for Yovani Gallardo. His ERA has gone from 1.20 to 5.70. I've looked into some of the advanced stats to see if he might be incredibly unlucky, but based upon my very average understanding of these stats, it appears that he has just sort of sucked for the last month. And you know what that means? That's right! Everyone's favorite game: the phantom injury!!! This happens, especially to pitchers, every year. Guy comes out, struggles in a few starts, gets shelled and obviously has lost his confidence, and rather than embarrass him by benching him or sending him to AAA (which I absolutely NOT suggesting they do with Yo), the player is suddenly injured and needs a 15 day DL trip. Jeff Suppan was famous for this. He went on like a dozen random DL trips in his time in Milwaukee (although his might be related to the voodoo doll I had).

Anyway, I bet Yo is on the DL within the next two days.

PS. Ardolis Chapman is fucking ridiculous. Dusty Baker is either an idiot for not using him in a bigger role (closer or starter). Or Dusty Baker has learned from the long, long line of careers he has ruined, and his trying to keep his innings down. Either way, Chapman seemed to have figured things out in the past two days. When you can throw 178 mph, and follow it up with a 90mph slider for a strike, hitters are fucked. That's analysis.

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