Sunday, April 17, 2011

Let's Play Two

Why not? What else am I going to do besides watching six hours of Brewers v. Nationals today? I miss true double headers. Back in the 80's they used to schedule a few double headers a year, so that they could play October baseball in October and not November.

Yuni Bettancourt finally cost the Crew a game with his defense on Friday. His D had actually been half way decent up until Friday. It won't be the last game we lose like that.

Let's hope for a sweep today and some good Plushdamentals.


I went to the local Native American casino last night. I went sober. I went with the full intention of giving them $40 worth of roulette spins and blackjack hands. Mission accomplished. It still strikes me that every time I go, 90% of the people there do not appear that they can afford the gas to drive to the casino. Yet there they are, plugging dollars into the slot machine, and bellied up at the $10/hand blackjack tables. But seriously, just throw it on the credit card, I will pay for it later when you don't pay the credit card, file for bankruptcy for the third time, and then the credit card companies lobby congress for some bullshit loophole tax hike that ends up in thier pocket. Also, I don't miss smoking being banned. It is clear that there were people there that were in the midst of a realization that they hadn't been able to smoke outside of thier house or car since July 4th, and were making it a point to smoke as long as hard as possible. I still have a fucking headache, and I was only there for a few hours.


UCSB616 said...

$40 is a total donation to their cause. If you wanna play with the Indians you need to read the sign on the door that says $200 minimum before the chief considers petting you break even. Perhaps I need to write an actual gambling column.

UCSB616 said...

*letting you break even. The chief will pet you whenever he damn well pleases.