Sunday, April 24, 2011

The NFL Has Brainwashed Me

Here is a good example of how much I love the NFL. I currently have DishNetwork. I received an offer from Time Warner cable that would lower my cable bill by about $50 per month for the same exact package. The price would be guaranteed for two years. It is an absurd deal. And I thought twice. I hesitated. Why? Because Time Warner doesn't have the NFL Network, and I might miss like 6 Thursday night games. I'm going to switch so that I can bitch about Time Warner again, and save a bunch of money. But I bet I'm not the only one that would think twice about switching for fear of losing a few games. That is why the NFL is the greatest league in the world.

I guess I will just have to spend some of that savings at a bar and watch the games there.

Happy Easter I guess.


UCSB616 said...

If you really loved the NFL you'd sack up and get direcTV. That way you could pay $400 per year to watch 10 games at once. I actually suspended my directv account rather than cancel because I'm afraid of losing my seniority with them. #truenflfan

Juicelaw said...

A valid point except that I can watch every Packer game regardless, and when they are on I WON'T switch to check in on a different one. So it isn't worth it for me. BUT, if we ever move out of Wisconsin, it is a condition thate we get Sunday Ticket or I won't move.

UCSB616 said...

I won't switch either. This is why I have multiple televisions in the room (ticket works on all your tvs) to watch the fantasy teams.

One more year and I will have exactly six televisions on one wall to deal with Sunday ticket, MLB extra innings, NBA league pass, and NCAA tournament that is now covered by 12 channels.