Sunday, May 1, 2011

Packers Draft Review

I liked it. How is that for analysis? Actually, I would've like it more if we would have taken about 3 more TEs. Seriously. After the draft, McCarthy said: "I like the TE position." You fucking think? Realistically, Thompson and McCarthy have earned my absolute trust, and I don't have the right to question anything they do. I felt like they drafted some players that may help ease the potential losses of James Jones, Brandon Jackson. And drafted others to create competition. It wouldn't shock me at all to see either only a few of the draftees make the roster, or for all of them to make it, and for some players that we assumed were safe to be cut. I'm excited about Randall Cobb. He will hopefully add a speedy, dynamic playmaker that we haven't exactly had. Not that we don't have playmakers, but we needed a guy that could return kicks and add an underneath speed element ala Desean Jackson or Percy Harvin. Obviously, I'm just hoping we get a homeless man's Percy Harvin (minus the migraines). Anyway, lockout is back on, so we will see these guys when we see them.


-Grienke is back next week! Championship!
-Kammeron Loe decided to get some work in on the side this morning because he hasn't been pitching enough.
-Carlos Gomez got thrown out by a busboy trying for a second omelet at brunch.
-Ryan Braun is fucking good.

-Pearl Street Brewery Downtown Brown: not very good at all to be honest. Disappointed.
-Hinterland Door County Cherry Wheat: spectacular. Tastes like cherry pie filling in your mouth, but strangely not sweet, and no aftertaste.
-Titltetown Victory Ale: super tasty. A dark brown, but not heavy.


I'm never going to be able to golf this year. I resolved I was going to do it more. Bought half of a pass to get BOGO 18 holes at various courses. And it has been raining, cold or 70mph winds every goddamn weekend. Maybe next weekend.

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