Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Mish Mash Of Shat

As I venture into the last few days of tax season, and my life is about to begin anew, I had a couple of things in my brain to spew out:

-Excellent article by UCSB616, although I disagree on the best month of the sports year. My vote would be for October. NFL and College Football in full swing, and the entirety of MLB playoffs. I would argue that the NBA playoffs in April add little to nothing to my sports enjoyment. Wake me in July or August, or whenever the fuck the Finals finally start (unless there are Deer to Fear, which there is most certainly not this year). I will watch a smattering of games, but they won't be appointment television for the most part. It probably helps if you root for the Lakers.

-I love me some Tony Plush (aka Nyjer Morgan if you live in the 1990's and aren't on Twitter yet). He is my favorite Brewer right now. I just like the way he plays, and his gentleman alter ego helps. My favorite running joke right now is that I'm going to love him until he murders Braun or Yo in their sleep. Because he is allegedly crazy. But he hustles his ass off, he's fast, he's exciting, he seems to care (or not know where he is, I can't tell), and he can get on base. I'm enjoying this ride while it lasts. Tonight, he murdered Ryan Domut on a play at the plate, which is the second catcher he took out, and if remember last year, he has a bit of a history with this. I would post a YouTube video of this, but (Sports Bottle's) god forbid MLB allows YouTube videos.

-Barry Bonds is going to prison. I guess you don't fuck with the G. I guess I'm glad he got convicted because approximately .03 cents of my paychecks for the last five years (and every other American) was put towards the costs of prosecution.

-The NFL has a draft coming up in a few weeks, and I couldn't be less excited. Normally, I LOVE the draft, and get super excited for it. I'm not sure if I'm not excited because of the lockout garbage (probably) or because the Packers WON THE FUCKING SUPER BOWL!!!! and I don't feel like they need much. Part of me will feel guilty for watching the draft because I feel like I'm condoning these assholes. But not enough of me that I won't watch it.

-The Brewers-Cubs game Sunday was a success. I didn't get beaten into a coma for wearing a Brewer jersey, even though I'm 30 years old. My brother and his two friends didn't either. And there were a shitload of Cubs fans nearby. Had some beers, enjoyed the ridiculous 80 degree weather, and watched the Cubs fans cheer like they won the World Series after throwing out Weeks stealing.....after McGehee hit the two run pinch hit homer to put us ahead. Cubs fans are stupid. Also, as we were walking out, some random dude showed me a picture of a Cubs fan passed out inside Miller Park, and he pissed himself.

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