Friday, February 4, 2011


OK, I've officially had enough of the buildup. As much as I'm enjoying every media outlet on the planet earth pound every angle of every possible story of both teams into my head, I'm good now. We can play football. After the 73 hour pregame show that I think started yesterday afternoon on Fox, the 38 minute player introductions, which are only long because the Packers have 15 guys on IR and the 12 minute national anthem (take the OVER!!), we can finally play football.

I'm officially getting stressed. I would just like the game to be played now. I've got the final score: Packers 28, Steelers 13. I feel like Rodgers is too good, and I believe we will move the ball well. I don't think the Steelers offense is all that great. It is our time. Whatever happens, it is going to take me a long, long time to get over it.

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