Sunday, February 13, 2011

Jared Sullinger is Not a Likeable Young Man

So not much going on today. We are seven days away from a Super Bowl win, and one day away from Bucky's first win over a number 1 team in 49 years, so excuse me if working out and going grocery shopping is less than exciting. I should probably mention to those who didn't watch, that Wisconsin also beat number one Ohio St. in football this year too. This is the only time this combo has ever happened between the same teams. Ohio State can lick my balls.

I'll admit, I hadn't sat and watched an entire Ohio St. game this season yet. Which probably makes me similar to 95% of the people that vote in the polls. I was actually pretty impressed until about 13 minutes left when the Badgers decided they weren't going to miss a shot for the rest of the game (exaggeration). The Buckeyes play the best defense of any team I've seen this year. We could not get off a decent shot, which didn't matter at the end because we made them all. UW's offense for most of the first half was pass it around until 8 seconds left on the shot clock and let Taylor go one on five. Gotta give Ohio St credit.

What I think I enjoyed most is that the game gave me a player to strongly dislike in college basketball. I haven't had much time to hate because I was preoccupied by football. Of course I generally dislike everyone in the B12 Ten except for Wisconsin, but there hadn't been one player that jumped off the page to me that I strongly disliked except maybe Dimitri McCamey. Well, thank you Jared Sullinger. He is a crybaby and a bitch. Sure he had 19 and 12, but it was a quiet 19-12 in a losing effort. And as soon as Ohio St got down by 5 early, he was seen whining and crying to the refs about being hit and held (true). Then, he was seen falling like he got shot with little to no contact (Sasha Vujicic style) in the lane to draw foul calls. Finally, there is this. Is it possible that someone spit on him? Maybe. It isn't out of the question. But as loud and rowdy as UW fans get, they aren't known to get physical with 7 foot tall basketball players. I feel like this is someone bitching because they lost their first game on his way to the NBA. I hope the NBA goes on strike next season and he has to accept his meager $250k salary and Hummer to stay at Ohio St for another year. Jeff Potrykus of the Journal-Sentinal is also skeptical.

So I guess its college basketball season. If you want to see two not good teams play tonight, Creighton is playing Southern Illinois. Good rivalry, VERY mediocre basketball.


UCSB616 said...

Dude, leave Sasha out of this. He's a champion, Is married to Maria sharapova, and should never be compared to some punk from osu. That said, the way the badgers won makes me real nervous that they could be looking at a second round exit. You can't play like that in march and expect to win.

UCSB616 said...

Fuck, are we really talking about basketball? Depressing that I have no football to watch. Guess it's on to the lakers/NCAA. Still can rewatch the super bowl 200x on DVR, then watch the blu-ray about 100x.

We are coming back to wi next week for 8 days. If (when) I get hammered with Blake I'll make sure he gives you a call. I'm sure Angie would love to see you as well.

Juicelaw said...

I would like to throw out that a call BEFORE you guys are hammered would be preferrable. At least now, Blake figured out how to send a text message, so maybe this is possible.

UCSB616 said...

The idea was to have you get hammered with us, but i guess I wasn't clear. Suppose we could call you a bunch of times at 4am too.

Glad to hear he learned how to text. What next? Email? Twitter? Or should he start with friendster and work his way through every social website?

Juicelaw said...

Baby steps. He's from the BC which means that he is still living in 2002.


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