Tuesday, February 8, 2011


There. I said it. Now if everyone could fucking stop uttering his name every two seconds, I would greatly appreciate it.

Obviously, I echo the thoughts of the others that wrote previously on the 13th World Championship won by the greatest franchise in sports. And I did cry a little bit. And I didn't even have a kid, or smoke 13 cigarettes (although I may have smoked 12 poles, but I didn't think I got that drunk Saturday, whatever it was totally worth it), or listen to the game from the cockpit of my 8 cylinder racism machine. It was awesome, and even though that has been echoed roughly eight million times, I'm going to say it again. It was awesome.

I couldn't be happier, and I don't think that many teams ever have deserved it as much, and have gone through so much. It is a championship to be proud of. Thompson knows what he's doing haters, and I guess McCarthy (the Saturday ring fitting) knows how to motivate.

I watched every postgame show I could, and even two days later, I am reading everything I can. I want to soak it all in, and appreciate the greatness for what it is.

But a few things have happened that have made me question how big of a fan I really am on the grand scale of Packer fandom. First, my qualifications:

1) Grew up approximately 14 miles West of Green Bay.

2) To my knowledge, I haven't missed an entire game as long as I can remember. Sure, before the days of DVR I may have missed a part of a game here or there when I was younger. I may have listened to a few on the radio or whatever. But I would say I've probably watched or listened to somewhere in the neighborhood of 400 games, which discounts anything before I was 5, because I don't remember shit from then. This includes a three year stint in Omaha, that required trips to Packer bars.

3) I've been fortunate enough to attend 31 games. Which probably doesn't seem like that many considering I've lived within a half hour of the stadium for 23 years of my life, but fuck you. I didn't have season tickets in the family (I have an uncle with a pair, but that only got me to one game), and I don't have rich parents. I didn't have money before I got a real job, and I didn't have a real job (which really should be in like triple quotations because there are managers at McDonald's that probably make the same as me, and spent roughly $100,000 less on school) until about 5 years ago.

4) I once let Paul Hornung touch my peepee. (We were both drunk and he is a living legend, so screw you for judging me).

5) I wear a jersey for every game and the draft. And this jersey is of another grown man.

6) I'm not a complete moron.

I think that is a pretty solid resume.

So here is where I doubt my place.

1) I didn't spend $10,000 to go to the Super Bowl. First, I don't have that kind of expendable income. Unfortunately, the loans I have take precedent over anything else. I can't take out more. It sucks. Lots and lots of people spent money they didn't have to follow the team they love on the belief that this might be a once in a lifetime opportunity (even though this is the third such opportunity in my relatively short lifetime). They will pay for it later probably (or not, because people that do dumb things never pay for their mistakes).

2) I didn't sleep outside of a bar in sub-zero temps to watch the Packers play in the Super Bowl at a bar.

3) I didn't immediately jump in my car and drunk drive to either downtown GB or to Lambeau like thousands and thousands of others did. I'll be honest, the thought never crossed my mind. I enjoyed watching it on TV, and not going to jail. But I actually might regret this a little. It looked fucking awesome.

4) I didn't skip work against my employer's wishes to either stand in a snow bank or stand in a parking lot at Lambeau to watch players either drive by or get off of a bus.

5) I didn't skip work against my employer's wishes to pay $5 to sit in sub-zero temps to listen to players talk at Lambeau today. Nor did I start tailgating at 9am for it.

Other people, probably many of the same people in repetition, did all of these things. I didn't. Does it make me love the Packers any less? Does it make me less of a fan? I guess it depends on your definition of "fan". It definitely makes me less borderline insane. My defense is, there are a lot of 80 year old Packer fans that have seen the team win 7 or 8 championships who weren't there either. I'm not 80, but I don't think you have to inhale diesel fumes in -5 degree temps to be a fan. I'm just saying that isn't my deal. If you were there, good for you. Don't hate on me.

What is kind of crazy to me is that this has all set in for me, and I'm not sure that my life is really altered. Other than it makes me as a Packer fan that much better than every other fan in the NFL.


I'm going to have a fan perspective on the fake strike as soon as Jon gives his legal slant. Or maybe before, I dunno.


gblinda said...

I had no desire to go to Dallas, I had desire to be in Green Bay. We went out the night before, we went to Lambeau before the super bowl with a bucket of brewskis and parked in our usual tailgating spot. We went to Lambeau after the win and parked in our usual spot and let my kids run around like monkeys with all the other crazed fans. Trust, it was worth it.

Nothing got burned, overturned, or broken. Cops just stood back and let everybody play.

We came back to Illinois on Monday, deciding it wasn't worth it to watch buses drive by. I went to the stadium after Super Bowl 31, didn't need to be there yesterday.

Now what do I do until the draft, etc.?

Mark said...

I was wondering if you went out or anything. I won't "hate on you" but I am a bit surprised. To each their own.

I wasn't even drunk on any level but it was still completely bad ass though. Next year, when we win the super bowl, I highly suggest you at least make it out downtown after wards. The rest was optional as I didn't get much out of the initial welcome home, and I missed the official $5 welcome home thing too. Downtown was amazing though. I was there for 2 hours and the intensity never wavered. Just positive, happy, goodness.