Sunday, February 6, 2011

Super Sunday

Time to settle in for 9.5 hours of pregame shows. For the 10,000 calories today (the wife and I spent $75 on snacks and booze for the two of us yesterday. I mean, so what if the saturated fat combined with the overwhelming stress might kill me. It might be another 13 years until this happens again.). For the three hour football game that will take 5 hours. For the commercials that non-football fans look forward to, but which haven't been good in a long time. For the 12 minute national anthem. For the pregame show to end, followed by the "kickoff show" which will take another 40 minutes. For Aaron Rodgers to have one of the best Super Bowl performances that a quarterback has ever had. For Big Ben to get sacked 5 times and picked twice. For the Pack to hoist the Lombardi trophy under an avalanche of green and gold confetti. For it to perhaps get a little dusty in here.


Eating a lot. Watching Bucky smoke Sparty. Then finding something to do for three hours or so so I don't kill myself.


-Rumor has it that an hour ago (8:30 a.m.), there were people lined up outside waiting to get into Stadium View to watch the Super Bowl. Reaffirms that a) Packer fans are awesome, b) I'm happy to be in my warm house drinking coffee.

-Last night I went to a b-day part for a friend. That douchebag "Fence Painter guy" with his douchy fence hat and douchy overalls showed up out of the blue, ate free food, and tried to get chicks to blow him. I hate that fucking guy.

-I'm REALLLY stressed. I had multiple Super Bowl dreams last night. 1) On a 3rd quarter FG attempt, the snap went through Matt Flynn's hands. The score was 28-27 Pit at the time. Later in my dream, in which I was at a mall drinking, not in view of TVs, and it was somehow attached to Cowboy Stadium, but not really that close, I found out the Packers won and Rodgers was MVP. Also a Predator, from the movie Predator was in the dream, and he spoke English.

-It is hard to put into words what a win or a loss would mean to me. And what it would mean to Packer fans everywhere. This is probably going to mean the difference between the best offseason ever, and not dreading a work stoppage, and the worst offseason ever, compounded by said work stoppage.

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