Thursday, April 29, 2010

Three Quotes for Bucks/Hawks (Which Is now outdated) and Some Other Stuff

(ED NOTE: I started writing this on Wednesday. Obviously it is now totally outdated, but could apply to a game 7 win. Also, Salmons just bricked another jumper.)

To summarize the rather shocking win by the Bucks over Hawks last night, here are three quotes that I received via Blackberry Message from my wise younger brother (and I'm paraphrasing):

1) "The Hawks should be fucking embarrassed. They have no excuse.": This is true. On paper, the Hawks should have swept the Bucks. They have the three best players in the series. The Bucks might have one all-star caliber player. The talent difference is monumental. The Hawks just don't seem to care.

2) "Scott Skiles is the best coach the Bucks ever had.": What he has done the last week has been nothing short of amazing. This collection of cast-offs and corpses has no business even being in the playoffs, much less being on the verge of winning a series. What is going to happen when Hammond's plan comes to fruition in 2011 and he has some actual talent to work with? Basketball (at least this week) appears to be back in Milwaukee, and it is thanks to Skiles getting the most out of the best Hammonds could do. Lets just hope he doesn't wear out his welcome.

3) "Fuck the Hawks": Agreed. Josh Smith is a prick.


-The Brewers are not playing well. At all.

-Beer Review: "Moon Man No Coast Pale Ale" by New Glarus. Pretty fucking good.

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