Saturday, April 10, 2010

Brew Crew Hangover 4/10

So I got my first real taste of the 2010 Crew. And I have to admit that I was fairly satisfied. I didn't have any obvious beef with anyone in the lineup last night. Everyone did something good. Not everyone produced results (see Greg Zaun smoking two balls that were right at people), but all in all, a pretty good performance other than the end result.

I'm chalking up last night's loss to being unlucky. It really is pretty hard to point to one play that cost the Brewers that game. I suppose McGehee's bobble of a double play ball cost them a run, but he also possibly saved a run with a diving stab earlier.

The unluckiness brings us to Trevor time. He isn't going to be perfect all year. There are going to be games where he bounces a pitch halfway to home plate and something called Nick Stavinoha (sp?) is going to close his eyes and golf one over the left field wall ala Vlad Guerrero(h/t to my brother for the Vlad reference). It sucks but it happens.

So I actually came away with more optimism than negativity last night, which is unusual for me. With all that said, if Hoffman continues to get knocked around, I'm going to be a little worried. I'm not sure I'm confident in LaTroy Hawkins to close games if need be (although he was pretty clutch last night).

One last thing. Any idea why Ryan Braun was wearing a mouth guard? Is he trying to protect his investment (his pearly whites) because he grinds them? Is he going to market them? I don't' believe I've ever seen that before. What are the chances of you getting hit in the face and losing your teeth? I did actually see it once in high school, but I can't imagine the chances are very good. But I digress.

Today is another day. Go Brewers.

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Bear said...

Dude, Hawkins is pretty good, I'd have confidence in him if Hoffman got hurt or something.

Cards are pounding us right now, but I don't think there's any chance we finish ahead of them this year... That team's good