Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Online Video Greatest Hits, Deer and Birds

Two GREAT videos from yesterday. First one I can't embed, but it is Greg Zaun and he is throwing like that catcher from Major League 2. Perhaps he should memorize issues of Playboy?

Second, Bango.

The Bucks game was GREAT last night. I love jumping on the bandwagon. I would totally go to Game 6, but the game starts at 6, and I have to work until like 4:30, and I live 2 hours away with little to no traffic. So it ain't happening. And unfortunately you can't DVR live games. Brandon Jennings is good. Also, this is some hard hitting sports analysis.

Finally, stop reading now if you don't care about anything that happens in the state of Nebraska, specifically in the Big O.

Dana Altman's 15 year run as a demigod in Omaha is over. He is off to Oregon to be fired in two years. Meanwhile, the Jays hired away Iowa St. coach, and former Northern Iowa coach Greg McDermott. I'm not even sure the stench from Dana's final dump was gone. It was literally like 20 hours after he took the job in Oregon. Is it a good hire? I dunno. He was good at UNI. Not so good at Iowa St. But he is from the area and has seen the other side, and realizes that it is better to win at a mid major and make a little less money than go to the Big 12 and lose. CU knew who they wanted I guess, since they interviewed nobody else. Contrast this to UWGB who took over a month and conducted a dozen interviews before deciding on the guy that is already there. Also, wanna know why Creighton is seemingly always decent and UWGB is good once every 10 to 20 years? McDermott is going to make $1.1 million (and can point at any chick in Omaha and a rich booster will order it done) and Wardle in GB is going to make $200k and has to battle A-Rodg and Ryan Grant's brother for chicks.


Unkown Blogger said...

wasn't that Ryan Grant's brother who was name dropping at Stadium view that one time? Also, you forgot about Nick Barnett and the LB core and Jeremicheal Finley...

gotwinkies said...

I could be wrong, but I think McDermott is going to make more at Creighton than he did at Iowa St.

I think his base was 800K at Iowa State, but then again, that probably doesn't include coaches TV shows, performance bonuses, money for the strip club, etc.

So nevermind. He will probably take a slight cut.

Juicelaw said...

Don't forget Natty Ice money.


Larry Eustacy