Friday, April 9, 2010

Got RIT of 'em

So I was all excited to get home from work at 8 p.m. last night and fire up the DVR for my second UW hockey game since the last time they were in the Frozen Four in 2006. And then they kicked the shit out of something call Rochester Institute of Technology. They won 8-1. Not much of a game. Bucky plays for the National Championship on Saturday. Good times. Should have put $10 on them in Vegas. Damn.

Hey Twinkie, where was the Fighting Sioux? According to my perusal of Yahoo!, they were busy agreeing to no longer exist. There, there buddy. I went through this with my high school (the Indians) in or around 1989. You will live. I personally think that the Fighting Sioux is less offensive than the Indians or especially the REDSKINS on the racism scale, because it is concentrating on one tribe, who is native to the area. I also saw that while William & Mary is allowed to keep the name "Tribe", they had to change their mascot from a Native American feather to a Griffin. Which doesn't make any sense at all.

In other, non-college hockey related news, the Brewers took advantage of a rather messed up system that screws young talented baseball players (and which the NFL should really look into, although the NFL screws older players) by signing Yo to a 6 year 42.5 million dollar deal (or a 5 year, 30 million dollar deal if he sucks/or wins a Cy Young). While they are paying him more than they need to this year (if you include the bonus $1.75 mil v. $450k), if he pitches anywhere near a number one starter, they are going to be coming out well for the rest of the deal. He certainly would've gotten a huge raise in arbitration for all three years, and a deal far surpassing that even if he is average (we are paying Wolf and Suppan $22.5 mil combined) for the final two years. This is muy similar to the Braun deal. GREAT job by the Crew. Now cue the elbow tendinitis and inner ear infections. Looking forward to seeing Brewer baseball this weekend. "Big" series against the Cards this weekend, with two games on National TV.

I laughed out loud when my first J.J. Hardy Twins highlight was him grounding into a double play. Get used to that Twins fans. (Then I looked up his stats and saw he is hitting .313 with 2HRs. Well fuck you, it won't last).

Finally, SIX DAYS until my working for $3.00/hr ends, and my pay gets bumped up to my usual $6/hr.

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