Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Playoffs and Rumors

First, I caught the fourth quarter of the Bucks game last night. It seems like it has been 50 years since they have been in the playoffs, although it has only been like 4. Congrats to them. I look forward to those 4 nights in September, or whenever the playoffs start. I really don't see them doing much. Kurt Thomas is pretty decent at least as a rebounder and defender, especially since he is 73. But he gives you nothing on the offensive end. He is a less athletic Ben Wallace. You can win a few games with him as your center, but unless you also have LeBron/Kobe/Durant/Jordan, you probably aren't going very far. But who knows?


I heard a rumor that baseball started. I only know this because of the Milwaukee Brewer app on my Blackberry and because of If I had to rely on television, I would not know. Because today will mark the 3rd time in 3 games I have been unable to watch the game because a) I have a job, and b) they didn't show the only night game of the series outside of Milwaukee. I go through this every year with FS Wisconsin. Every year, they don't show a few early Brewer games to show some late season Bucks games. This season, I have far less of a problem with it (since the Bucks are good). But do they only have one set of cameras? Trust me, I can watch a Brewer game without Telly Hughes and Craig Coushon if that is the problem. Anyway, I was mildly upset that I didn't get to watch the Crew win last night. So if you are wondering why there hasn't been any Brewer posts, that is why. It is hard to get a good feel for the team by watching stick figures stare at circles for nine innings. Friday I look forward to seeing my first game of the season.


I just finished watching the Reggie Miller v. New York Knicks 30 for 30. It was awesome. I forgot how great those series were, even though the NBA was in the start of its descent (before its current resurrection). Remind me again why the Bucks signed Anthony Mason in 2001? If you saw the highlights again of Reggie Miller's famous 8 points in 18.7 seconds, you would see how terribly fucking stupid Anthony Mason was. Not only did he throw away the inbounds pass on the second three pointer, but he committed an egregious foul on the best FT shooter in the league (maybe Mark Price was better?) in a tie game for no reason. Anyway, check out 30 for 30 if you haven't yet.


Bear said...

I saw that 30 for 30, pretty good stuff.

I will sum up this year so far, Greg Zaun is fucking atrocious and Doug Davis is who we thought he was.

Juicelaw said...

Zaun is no Kendall though. C'mon Bear.

Davis appeared pretty below average according to his floating head on Which is about 73% better than Suppan.

Bear said...

That would be a lot more re assuring if Suppan didn't weasel his way into the starting rotation