Friday, April 2, 2010

Dancing With The Devil


I hate to do it. I mean, I REALLY hate to do it. But I have to root for Duke on Saturday. All of my brackets are basically completely trash. The only thing I have to gain from any bracket is one at work, where if Duke wins, somebody has to buy me lunch (surf-n-turf, fo sho). This is like rooting for the Yankees or rooting for a hurricane to take out Haiti the day after they clean up from an earthquake. Or something. Just know that I can't stand Duke, but I like getting free food more.


I am clearly being discriminated against at my workplace. Everyone in the office is a staunch Catholic but me. Everyone is going to church today, but me. Normal "business hours" are 8:30-4:30. Although I generally work much more than this. Today is something called Good Friday. I would ask either Sports Bottle or my brother what that stands for. And the bosses in all of their genius and reasoned forward thinking, and consideration for all other religions/non-religions, have decided to close the office from 12 to 3 so that they can go to church. So my options are to drive 35 minutes each way to sit at home for an hour. Or, sit here and surf the Internets (which I was going to do anyway). I guess I sit and pretend to work and then hope they feel bad and send me home at 3. My guess, they will be all full of religious fervor and stab me in the heart with a wooden cross after drowning me in holy water doesn't work (because I have gills).

I'm not sure what the point of this was other than I'm going to hell.

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