Saturday, April 24, 2010

I Sympathize With Big Ben

Hello everyone. I'm back from my two week suspension for violation of the Internets' Personal Conduct Policy. Hopefully I'll be around a bit more from now on. That assumes I can keep my head on straight, and stay out of college bars in Millegeville, GA. I want to thank my teammates: Bear, Sports Bottle, Twinkie and Loaf Cobra for picking up the slack and leading the team to victories in my absence. I hope the Steelers have similar success when Ben is gone.


Going in, I wanted a tackle, a corner, an outside LB and a safety. And possibly a RB. Anything else is fine to fill in our picks. I was mildly thrilled with Bryan Bulaga. He fills an immediate need, can hopefully start when Chad Clifton or Tauscher gets hurt, and since neither is a guarantee to be around next year, gives us a starter to plug in for the next 10 years or so. Bulaga was alleged to be going in the top 10, so I felt pretty good about getting him where we did.

What happened afterwards was a little different. Not that I've heard of every player in this draft or anything, but when you have a bunch of guys available that you know are pretty good, and fit positions of need, I can't stand when we take a guy I've never heard of. Round 2 was an absolutely classic Ted Thompson move by taking Mike Neal. I suppose it never hurts to have another D-lineman, but this was not a big need compared to the things listed above, and this appeared to be a huge reach. Round 3 actually looked like a pretty good pick. Everywhere I saw had Morgan Burnett as a 2nd round pick, and we certainly needed a safety. Round 5 it was back to classic Thompson, taking a TE even though we have 3 pretty decent ones on the roster, and a likely future Pro Bowler in Finley. I think if you are going to take someone at a position where you have a bunch of guys already, you should probably take a dude that is GUARANTEED to be good. The last Round 5 pick, I guess we took a guard. Fine with that I guess. Colledge is a douche, and is now officially expendable. Not exciting at all. I dunno. In Ted I trust, I'm sure it will work out.

In other news, why didn't we trade for Leon Washington? Seattle gave up nothing to get him. He is exactly what we needed. He is fast, can catch, can return kicks.

Finally, moving the draft to Thursday was genius. I legitimately forgot that the NBA playoffs were even happening. NFL is king.


What a roller coaster. I was looking for something tall to jump off of last Saturday after we lost to the Nats. Then we nearly blew last Sunday after a 10 run first. Then we DESTROYED the Pirates, and we were for sure going to win the World Series. Then Soup pitched. The best quote I read this morning reads as follows: "...The more important question is how long the organization will continue to trot Suppan to the mound every five days. He no longer has the stuff to be an effective big league starter, and it is becoming borderline irresponsible for Ken Macha and Doug Melvin to stick by the veteran simply because of his salary." Amen.


Tomorrow, my wife and I (who LOVE kids :)) are babysitting for my 3 year old twin nieces. I'm sure nothing terrible will happen.

Since Roger Goodell screwed me out of getting hammered with my second family today by moving the draft to Thursday, I have to look forward to Shit In My Eye as the next out of body drinking experience. I am going to guess that I will get drunk.

You are on notice that the OJSFA Owner's Meeting will take place at the Days Inn on Washington St. in Green Bay next Saturday. BYOB. Watch your emails.

I received my San Diego Padres/Washington National tickets in the mail today. Going on a mini-vacation at the end of May, and am going to check out Petco. And probably drink a margarita or ten. I hope to (Sports Bottle's) god, Strasburg gets called up and starts for the Nats.


Games 3 and 4 of the Bucks/Hawks sweep. Not that anyone other than my brother will watch anyway.

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