Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Oh Come On!

Here are what I feel are the relevant stats for Trevor Hoffman. Last season, he pitched 54 innings, and gave up 11 earned runs. This season, he has pitched 13 innings, and has given up 19 earned runs. He has not given up more than 19 ER in a season since 2001. He was 34 years old then. He is 43 now. So let's not bother arguing about whether he is done. Because he is D-U-N.

What I think is important to note is the club's reaction to what has happened. Which has been nothing. And THAT is why Kenny Macha needs to go. Because someone needs to step in and say "Hey, Trev, you've been great. But your ERA is over 13 and you can't get Betty White out. So do us a favor and either retire or take a Suppatical (fake trip to DL)." And Kenny isn't willing to do it. Macha needs to go not because his personality sucks. Or because a manager is somehow supposed to convince Major League players to not suck. He needs to go because a manager's job is to put the team in the best position to win. And he is unwilling to do it I guess. Is this a reaction to an 8 game losing streak? Probably. But that is MY job as a fan.

I look forward to Willie Randolph's first game as manager on Friday night.

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