Thursday, May 20, 2010

Border Battle: Baseball Style

So. I guess I am going to a "baseball game" this weekend. Possibly (but highly unlikely unless Twinkies wife pays for the tickets, and she won't be there on Saturday) two. There is also a series of said games taking place this weekend. One team is a team that is named after a birth defect. The other used to be a baseball team, but now is some kind of traveling band of misfits that cause blindness and make you want to kill yourself. Yes, it is the Twinkies v. Brewers. How will the Crew do? Well, lets look at the pitching matchups: Friday Bush v.. Fuck it, I'm not even going to bother. If we win one I would be SHOCKED. A few more bullet points of what is going to happen:

- I'm going to drive 5 hours to go to a state that I may hate more than any other state.

- I'm going to drink too much.

- Richard and my wife will drink too much too.

- Richards "friend" is going to hate me.

- I will either see the last Macha game, or one of the first Randolph/Svuem games.

- The Crew will run Jody Gerut out there to DH. He will go 1 for 12, hit into 2 double plays, and strike out 4 times.

- Hoffman will pitch a game, but in the 6th inning. And he will not give up a run.

- I will be stared at in horror by a bunch of Minnesotans that think they know how to drink, yet the fact that they live on the other side of a river has somehow precluded them from being able to even fathom drinking as much as Wisconsinites.

- There will be numerous Brewer fan/Twin fan fights around bar time


gotwinkies said...

Row 1 of Section 115 baby!

It is going to be funny to see the shocked looked of my fellow Twins fans, wondering how these asshole Brewer fans got seats like this.

Ricky said...

Shit, I did not pay attention to the e-mail stating what tickets we got. Nice work twinkie!

Juicelaw said...

I know a guy who knows a guy.

gotwinkies said...

Yes they are good seats Sir Rickard. That is why I sold you and your boyfriend's seats for a 400% profit on stubhub.

Have fun watching the game on your nice Bestbuy plasma!

See you dickheads on Sunday morning. Drink some for me!