Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Claymaker Should Watch His Back

I made a joke after Clay Matthews was drafted that he may have been using PEDs (not funny). Here was a guy that barely got a college scholarship that ended up being a first round pick, and was ridiculously ripped. I have no knowledge of whether this is or isn't true. Plus, we all know that NFL players might take a few liberties here and there with what they put into their bodies, and nobody really cares.

Yesterday, Brian Cushing of the Houston Texans, the Defensive Rookie of the Year, was suspended for PED use. Not remarkable except that he was a college teammate of Clay Matthews at USC, and they played the same position, and it is a pretty good bet that they hung out a lot. You can see why this could be a bit concerning. Also, Google "Clay Matthews Steriods". As a Packer fan you will be horrified. So Clay, please make sure you are mindful of what happened, and don't get suspended, because the Pack needs you to play every game. Because Brady Poppinga sucks. Thank you.

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