Sunday, May 9, 2010

FNL Spoiler and Jody Gerut

First off, it had been so long since Friday Night Lights had been on TV, that I completely forgot what was happening. FNL went ahead and picked another sports movie cliche (after the Star QB gets paralyzed, racism, steroid use) by re-starting a dormant football program in the same city called "East Dillon" and making them into a rag tag bunch of losers, who, inevitably, are going to beat the rich/talented/evil doing Dillon Panthers. I rolled my eyes when I saw Coach Taylor's new team go out in mismatching jerseys on a dirt field, with only 18 players (one of which is the classic wrong side of the tracks, never played football, but can run a 4.2 40 from the police). But you know what? They pulled it off. It was a solid first episode. Plus they added another jailbait high school chick whose drunk/whore mother banged Riggins, and who has replaced Tyra. If you haven't seen the show, go rent the first two seasons, and start DVRing the new one. It is a great fucking show. Also, be aware that I've clearly been tricked into watching a teeney-drama/soap opera, because they threw in a bunch of football stuff and pretty colors.


What? Look, I never thought Jody Gerut was terrible per se. More, not very good. And then he hit for the cycle. Of course, I missed it. Does anyone know if Jody is the first person with a female name to hit for the cycle? I demand answers.
And the Crew is all set to go ahead and get shut out today because they scored 17 runs again last night. Can we trade for Bill Hall today just so he can hit a homer with his pink bat?
Are the Crew approaching some kind of record? That is 17 or more runs for the THIRD time already. If we could just get like 6 runs a game, we would be really, really good.


Drinking season officially kicks off on Friday, May 14th, with Syttnde Mai. More to come.


linda said...

JD and his dad are a couple of c*nts...i'm allowed to say that...i'm a girl.

gotwinkies said...

Just so you know, there have been THREE seasons of FNL prior to this one.

THe show is THAT good that you forgot about an entire season.

I approved of the first episode as well.

Tami Taylor is still smoking hot!