Sunday, May 29, 2011

Great Tickets In Theory

As many of you may have heard, I received my 2011-12 Green Bay Packer Ticket assignments earlier this week. If I was given the choice of one game, I would've wanted to experience the home opener against the Saints, in order to see what kind of party the NFL put on, and to see the additional pageantry of the opening game after a Super Bowl win. Well, I may have gotten my wish, as I was notified that I will be receiving tickets to the Saints game, as well as the Lions game on New Years Day (or as I am going to call it, the Cold As Shit Bowl, which may actually be a college bowl game).

The concern of course, is that I receive what is probably the most interesting game on the schedule (the Bears game being the other obvious great game on paper) and the game will not be played. Or the schedule gets messed up in some fashion, and it turns into "just a game" against the Saints and not a super-duper special game. Which would fucking blow.

I'm not one of those people that would kill myself without the NFL (although I may just drink a gallon of vodka to fill in those 10 hours or so of football every Sunday, which may lead to an earlier death), but I'm also not one that is going to try to ignore it because they are all greedy assholes who don't care about me.

Of course they don't care about me. Do movie producers care about me? Do restaurant owners care about me? Do airlines care about me? Oil companies? Hotel operators? Bar owners? Postal workers? My doctors? Insurance carriers? I guess what I'm trying to say is that at the end of the day, the only people that truly give a shit about you, your thoughts, your money, etc., are your friends and family. Gigantic corporations don't care what you think, because they provide a product or service that nobody else does. In this case, there isn't another NFL. The idea that caring or not caring about the lockout is going to fix anything or change anyone's mind is ludicrous. I am personally not enabling anything. Sure, collectively I may be part of the problem, but the only way to truly affect a billion dollar business would be for EVERYONE to not have anything to do with the NFL until they fix the labor issues, and THEN to not embrace them when they came back. And this is impossible. Unless or until there is somewhere else to get the Green Bay Packers. And there is not. Nothing is going to change regardless of what I do.

I guess what I'm saying in rambling, incoherent fashion is that begging the NFL to come back is not the wrong thing to do if that is how you feel. And if you think that not caring is the right thing for you, go for it. But now that I've got these sweet ass tickets, and and the lockout is hitting closer to home, that is all I really want. So c'mon baby, come home to daddy.
Sweet walk-off suicide squeeze yesterday.
VERDICT: Remain calm.
I'm headed back to Omaha on Thursday for the first time in 5 years. Going to check out some of our old favorite restaurants, likely hook up with old pals and get drunk like it's 2006. Should be fun. Driving not so much, but it will definitely bring back happy memories. Not exactly a two week trip to Europe but these things happen when you have crippling student loan debt.

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