Monday, May 23, 2011

Brew Crew Hangover: Sweep Edition

I'm going to start a new feature here (until I stop blogging for like a month again). I'm going to tell you how many wins the Brewers have compared to how many I expected them to have preseason, then I'm going to tell you if you should remain calm, panic, or celebrate.

Predicted Record: 27-20
Actual Record: 24-23
Verdict: Remain Calm

Pretty close to what I expected, even with the peaks and valleys. Going to have to score some runs more consistently, and going to have to win more on the road. (ED NOTE: Hart and Fielder just CRUSHED two balls to dead center in the first. 3-0 Crew).


Erick Almonte (on the 7-day DL with a concussion because he got hit in the head with a batted ball during BP), got hit in the face with a throw during BP. Man, that SUCKS.


I love me some sports talk radio. But is it too much to ask that you have any fucking idea what you are talking about? How is it that I can work 50-ish hours a week, maintain a healthy relationship, exercise on once in a while, make love to a microbrew on occasion, and play what I would consider to be an above average amount of video games, and STILL know more that guys whose JOB it is to know things about sports. For example, and this is hardly a felonious offense, but it was merely the latest. On the "Green and Gold Today" on ESPN Milwaukee with Bear's favorite writer Jason Wilde, and Bill Johnson, they were discussing the lockout, because let's face it, there isn't anything else to talk about. The topic was "What will people follow if there is no NFL?" Baseball, college football, UFL, etc. Typical, generic sports talk topic. Well, I'm not going to complain about the topic, because I write a blog like twice a month and have a hard time coming up with new things to write. It is pretty hard to talk for three hours. Alas, when discussing college football, one said to the other "Has there been any talk of playing college games on Sunday if there is no NFL?" The response "I'm not sure."

Fucking. Seriously. Is this really THAT obscure of a topic? My point is, that I shouldn't know a tremendous amount more than you do about a sports topic, when you talk about sports every day and get paid for it. In this particular case, if it was a baseball or golf question, I would give them a slight pass, because at least this show is football oriented. But do you really mean to tell me that they don't follow ANYTHING but Green Bay Packer football? Even in their free time? I just can't accept that as fact. And these are two relatively good radio guys. There are far worse example. I don't know, maybe I just follow sports closer than most. If that is true, I'm available to host any radio show that anyone wants. And I will do it for half of what the current guy gets paid. I have absolutely no idea why I just wrote 200 words about this.

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