Sunday, March 20, 2011

Neck Deep In Hoops

I'm coming off a day that began with college basketball (with a little work interrupting the first half of the first game), and ended with college basketball. The games yesterday were spectacular, including the ending of the Butler-Pitt game that probably set a record for being ridiculous. BUTLER'S foul with about 2 seconds left was crazy and ill-advised, then PITT fouling on the rebound with a tie game 90 feet away from the basket was even more insane. The thing is, the refs got both of these calls exactly right. The calls were not at all controversial, and the players/coaches have nobody to blame but themselves. I think the highlight of the Butler-Pitt game was on the Butler foul, my 4 year old nephew came walking in the front door, and me (being half in the bag) screamed out "NO FUCKING WAY!". And my nephew laughed.

In other news, great, gutty win by UW yesterday. Even though Jordan Taylor lost his scholarship money in Vegas by accidentally blocking Pullen's shot, he tried his hardest to lose the game by taking a series of awful shots, and making none of them. One question I had was how was Leuer allowed to play with his whole head blood stained? Shouldn't they have made him take a shower or something? Did they douse his head with chemicals? There was clearly crusted blood mixed with sweat on his head. Found it interesting is all.

Butler is not going to fear the Badgers at all, but Bucky should beat Butler, which will set up a game against either BYU or Florida for the final four. BYU scares me, because if Taylor can't hold Pullen under 30, Jimmer might get 50. Florida is much more athletic, but they don't scare me much. I guess the Badgers might as well continue this crazy run of Wisconsin sports success with a Final Four run.

Finally, as I settle in for another day of games, I wanted to point out that I don't like the new schedule, especially today. It used to be that on Sunday they would stack up all the games to end by 6 so that old people could watch 6o Minutes before they die. It was nice because I could finish watching hoops early, and think about something else for a few hours. I love basketball, but sometimes one's brain needs to do something else for a few minutes. Now, because of the four networks, they are staggering the games until 11 p.m. again. I will watch, but I may not sleep now, because I will be thinking about hoops.

Oh, one last thing. Creighton! Davidson! Its the second (?) round of the CBI or (I'm not sure which)! Live on HDNet!!! Monday at 6 p.m. Set your DVRs so I don't have to.

WAIT! A bonus one last thing. In the Division 1 High School championship last night in Wisconsin, a kid pulled a Chris Webber and called a timeout up by 2 with about 2 seconds left. Kid on the other team drilled two FTs, and the timeout team eventually lost in Triple OT. It was super entertaining. I felt bad for the kid.

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