Sunday, March 13, 2011

Greinke, Real World, Bennett Ball

A few quick, untimely rants and thoughts from your favorite aquitted double murderer.


There is nothing that pisses me off more than when a professional athlete gets injured doing something they don't get paid to do that prevents them from doing something they get paid MILLIONS to do. Especially when that player is on my team. Jeff Kent "slipping while washing his car"= funny. Zack Greinke breaking a rib while playing basketball = not funny.

I realize that these guys are all (well not JaMarcus Russell) hypercompetitive twenty-somethings, who are incredible athletes. They shouldn't be expected to sit and play vids all day long when they aren't working out. But perhaps you could take up something that you are a little less likely to break a rib in. Now, you are still going to get paid millions while the Crew runs Mark Rogers (or (Sports Bottle's) god forbid Manny Parra) out there for two or three of your starts.


The latest Real World season premiered last week, and I gotta be honest, other than the "I don't ride cars, I ride boys" quote from the commercials, I wasn't that excited. I felt like it was a little played out going to Vegas for the third time. And then I watched it. And it was AWESOME. Here are some highlights:

-Guy who (is not gay mind you) is worried that his roommates are going to find out that he was in some web show where he ran around naked with a bunch of other dudes who were also not gay, and based on the blurred out clip, there were showers involved. But yeah, he isn't gay at all.

-Guy who started experimenting with drugs in high school, one thing led to another, and yada, yada, yada, someone got shot and he spent three years in juvy.

-And a ridiculous and surprising amount of Sun Drop product placement. I was unaware that Sun Drop HAD an ad budget. I thought their entire budget was sponsoring the scoreboards at Shawano High School. I legitimately thought it was produced and bottled in Shawano, and it didn't exist outside of Wisconsin. But I guess I was wrong. Good on Sun Drop. On a side note, Sun Drop out of a glass bottle is like crack.


That game on Friday was the worst basketball game I've ever seen. And I lived through Bennett Ball, which while it got us a Final Four appearance, also led to the worst basketball ever played. The offense consisted of playing really tough D, and then throwing it around for 34 seconds and hoping you made a 3. Games were routinely in the 40s for like 5 years. The sad thing about Friday is that is wasn't even GOOD Bennett Ball. The Badgers should have lost by 40 because they didn't play good D either. Terrible. This is exactly the kind of game that Bucky plays every five games or so, and loses. Here's my prediction: Bucky will get a 6 seed, take the first round game down to the wire and win, and then lose in round 2. Book it.

I will be back later tonight/early tomorrow with bracket stuff.

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