Thursday, March 17, 2011

Bear's Picks!

I shamelessly stole Jon's format for this post because, quite frankly, I don't have time to do this haha. This bracket was submitted to yahoo this morning, before the deadline somehow! I took about 10 minutes of un-researched time to make all the picks. I tried to follow a couple rules, bomber teams and good guard play trumped good front court play when I felt there was a close match up or the talent level was comparable. Also, I gave the big ten and the big east penalties, just cuz they always fuck me every year and quite frankly I'm pushing them down on my rankings because of it. And as always, I hate the SEC, so they get pushed down as well. As a side note, with 2 games completed I'm already 2-0, so obviously I'm awesome at this game.

The picks:

East Region
(1) Ohio State over 16 seed
(9) Villanova over (8) George Mason
(5) West Virginia over (12) Clemson
(4) Kentucky over (13) Princeton
(11) Marquette over (6) Xavier
(3) Syracuse over (14) Indiana State
(7) Washington over (10) Georgia
(2) North Carolina over(15) Long Island

(1) Ohio State over (9) Villanova
(4) Kentucky over (5) West Virginia
(3)Syracuse over (11) Marquette
(2) North Carolina over (7) Washington

(1) Ohio State over (4) Kentucky
(2) North Carolina over (3)Syracuse

(1) Ohio State over (2) North Carolina

Southwest Region

(1) Kansas over (16) Boston U
(9) Illinois over (8) UNLV
(12) Richmond over (5) Vanderbilt
(4) Louisville over (13) Morehead St.
(6) Georgetown over (11) VCU
(3) Purdue over (14) St. Peter's
(10) Florida State over (7) Texas A&M
(2) Notre Dame over (15) Akron

(1) Kansas over (9) Illinois
(12) Richmond over (4) Louisville
(3) Purdue over (6) Georgetown
(2) Notre Dame over (10) Florida State

(1) Kansas over (12) Richmond
(3) Purdue over (2) Notre Dame

(1) Kansas over (3) Purdue

West Region

(1) Duke over (16) Hampton
(8) Michigan over (9) Tennessee
(5) Arizona over (12) Memphis
(4) Texas over (13) Oakland
(6) Cincinnati over (11) Missouri
(3) Connecticut over (14) Bucknell
(7) Temple over (10) Penn State
(2) San Diego State over (15) Northern Colorado

(1) Duke over (8) Michigan
(4) Texas over (5) Arizona
(3) Connecticut over (6) Cincinnati
(2) San Diego State over (7) Temple

(4) Texas over (1) Duke
(2) San Diego State over (3) Connecticut

(4) Texas over (2) San Diego State

Southeast Region
(1) Pittsburgh over (16) UNC-Ashville
(8) Butler over (9) Old Dominion
(5) Kansas State over (12) Utah State
(4) Wisconsin over (13) Belmont
(11) Gonzaga over (6) St. John's
(3) BYU over (14) Wofford
(10) Michigan State over (7) UCLA
(2) Florida over (15) UCSB

(1) Pittsburgh over (8) Butler
(5) Kansas State over (4) Wisconsin
(3) BYU over (11) Gonzaga
(2) Florida over (10) Michigan State

(5) Kansas State over (1) Pittsburgh
(3) BYU over (2) Florida

(5) Kansas State over (3) BYU

Final Four

(1) Ohio State over (4) Texas
(1) Kansas over (5) Kansas State


(1) Kansas over (1) Ohio State

You can call this thing a chalk bracket if you must, I have a couple upsets, nothing crazy, I went against the 5-12 rule this year, well I picked one, but that more goes back to my rule that the SEC fucking sucks, so it seemed like a ripe upset pick. My two "borderline" picks are Texas and K State going to the Final Four, both teams are pretty fucking good on paper, it's just a matter of playing well in the tourney, so we shall see. The Marquette pick is a pure homer upset pick. Fuck the Badgers, they aren't a good tourney team, especially with the region they drew. Purdue getting to the Elite Eight is also a little risky, but the bottom half of that region is littered with shitty upset picks and Big Ten and Big East teams all over the place, so who the hell knows what team is getting out of there. I felt like Ohio State was a good enough team to get over the whole Big Ten down ranking and I ended up with them paired off against Kansas. I figured Kansas to be the less common championship pick so why the hell not.

Keep in mind my beginning disclaimer, all of this logic spewed out of my brain over the course of 10 minutes this morning, so it should be iron clad.


Juicelaw said...

Holy Big 12 (soon to be Big 12 minus 2, so technically the Big 10 while the Big 10 will actually be the Big 12, but who is counting). ANWYAYS, why don't you fucking move to Oklahoma or some shit?

Bear said...

Actually sitting at the bar last night talking about bracket stuff I rattled off my final four and realized I had 3 Big 12 teams and was like oh shit haha. Like I said, 10 minute bracket. I never get 4 final four teams right anyway, and if texas or k state end up being right I should be fine