Sunday, March 6, 2011

"Get Over It!"

UW v. Ohio St.

Big game this afternoon. I believe the only thing on the line is seeding in the NCAAs, but it would be nice to get ANOTHER win over the number one team. And to hear Sullinger make up some other kind of assault when they lose. Like the ref pinched his left nut or something. If Jordan Taylor does anything close to what he did on Thursday, you can start carving his name into the B12 Ten Player of the Year trophy. It will be criminal if he doesn't win it. PREDICTION: OSU 72, UW 62


I don't like Duke. I don't like UNC. But I like UNC better than Duke by default, so I'm happy they beat Duke yesterday. Also, for some reason Duke is already penciled in for a number one seed even though I don't think they are that good. The don't look like a number one seed to me, but someone has to get it I guess. Whatever.


Next week is going to start to get pretty sweet. Big conference tourneys start Thursday, which means that I will have something to put up on my computer at work. I think the Big East's started like two weeks ago because they actually have more teams than the NCAA tournament itself. I LOVE March Madness possibly more than anything.


I joined the 21st century and got a Twitter account. I have not, and don't really plan to actually send a Tweet. If I did, I would go the way of Bear and never blog ever again. I'm convinced. Twitter is actually kind of a nice way to stalk crazy people (Charlie Sheen), Athletes (pretty much only Packers so far), and media people. It saves time sort of incredibly (and not really at all) by allowing you to know whether your favorite writers/bloggers have put up a new article and putting them all in one place without going to multiple sites. I'm sort of hooked.

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