Sunday, March 13, 2011

Early Tournament Post

Before I get to selections, I would just like to point out that ESPN is ANGRY that VCU and UAB got in over their beloved Virginia Tech and Colorado. Jay Bilas has used words like "ridiculous", "absurd", "ridiculous" to describe this fact. The "Bracketology" show has been on for 20 minutes and they are STILL bitching about it. I'm not saying they are totally wrong, but thier "Eye Test" bullshit is annoying to me? If you just used an "eye test", no team from a BCS conference would ever get an at large bid, because teams with BCS ties have millions and millions of dollars, and large conference ties to get the best players. I just don't understand the theory that ESPN has here. And they incorrectly analyze the reasons the committee pick teams. There is no "eye test". It is purely a numbers game. I'm just sayin'.

I decided I'm going to put two brackets out here. ONE: a gut reaction bracket. TWO: a thoroughly researched bracket. I am fucking PUMPED for Tuesday.

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