Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Welcome to Milwaukee Mr. Maggette

It's been announced that the Bucks have made a swap with the Golden State Warriors and moved perennial bench riders Charlie Bell and Dan Gadzuric for Corey Maggette. I don't think I need to explain who he is or what he does, he's a well known player, scoring swing man. Gadzuric had a decent sized contract, very unbefitting for his minutes and quality of play that came off the books after next year, that was the main trading piece for the Clippers. Bell? Who knows, he's a body in the mix, he never really got back into things on Milwaukee after his little contract spat where we matched his offer sheet from Miami. Maggette has 3 years and about 30 million left on his contract, so not a terribly long term investment. Does this mean Salmons is probably done in a Bucks uniform? I'd have to assume that at this point. I enjoyed the hell out of his half season with Milwaukee though.

UPDATE: Bucks also get 44th pick in deal. Woopie.

ANALYSIS: Ok, now that the story's been broken and is official and I got it out there, time for some analysis. Quick feedback from friends and sports radio is that Maggette is a slacker on D and a cancer in the locker room. Cancer? I dunno about that, show me a story where Maggette was the cause of something mischievous. He may have been on some shitty/shady teams, but that doesn't make a guy a cancer, those teams were cancers.

The defensive thing, I look at it this way, we needed a scorer to take the pressure off Jennings shooting 20+ times a game. If his defense isn't stellar or he doesn't buy into Skiles' scheme after a year or two, well guess what? Now he's another expiring contract we get to ship. This is not a huge risk trade, we gave them Gadzuric and Bell, who the hell did people think we were gonna get for them? Let their contract expire and sign someone? Who? Who's coming to Milwaukee? We have to use these contracts to trade for people or lock up guys we already have. Our biggest name FA in the last decade was Bobby Simmons, how'd that work out?


gotwinkies said...

Don't get pissed, especially because I don't know shit about the NBA, but that entire post sounded like you were trying to talk yourself into Maggette's upside (if any).

Bear said...

You're probably right, it's also a bit in response to a friend of mine who was already saying he didn't like the trade and some sports radio guys were on his case too. I'm curious if he will fit into Skiles' system, I know it's his way or the highway and quite frankly I prefer his way because he's obviously shown he can win.

That being said, I don't think Hammond pulled the trigger on this trade without consulting Skiles, so I guess I shouldn't worry too much