Sunday, June 6, 2010

Lake Delton Alleged Sexual Assault Party Update

Brandon Underwood is the alleged player that was involved in the alleged assaultS. He is alleged to have had unwanted sexual contact with TWO women. By himself. The other six Packers supposedly didn't do anything. Check out all the info on JSOnline. My thoughts:
-My first thought when I saw the list of alleged attendees. Please let it be Mason Crosby. Please let it be Mason Crosby.
-At least it wasn't Clay Matthews or Brad Jones.
-McCarthy has been blowing Underwood all week about how good he is now. We probably need him. Is it bad that I was much more concerned about the secondary than this alleged crime.
-Why couldn't Jarrett Bush have been there.
-I find it a little difficult to understand the logistics here. I'm sure more info will come out, but we are in the business of jumping to conclusions, so lets assume it was only Underwood and two women, and no guns or anything. How do you have non-consensual contact with TWO people? Does he have two dicks? I dunno, maybe it wasn't that serious. Maybe it was a boob grab or something. This is the most fascinating part.
-Does the fact that there was two make it more or less likely that they would make something up?
-If they were going to makes something up, why would they pick Underwood?
-Why didn't one of them run and or fight off Underwood when he was on the other?
-How would six others not hear what was going on?
-Did the police just decide to pin this on Underwood after last year's wild card performance?

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