Saturday, June 5, 2010

Brew Crew Hangover: Fix 'Em Edition

Now that Milwaukee has a 0.6% chance of making the playoffs (so you're saying there's a chance!) I think now would be an opportune time to start doing some shit for the future. I would say at this point, it is safe to say that the roster as currently constructed is not going to get us a world series title, and may not even get us to .500, which used to be the mark of success for the Crew. Here is what I think I would do.

1) Put Fielder on the market. He is the biggest, and maybe only realistic trade chip we have. We know we won't be able to afford him in two years, and he probably has the most value right now because anyone that trades for him gets him for a year and a half. But don't give him away. We don't need to be desperate because we've got time. If nobody wants to give us anything good, we can wait another year if need be. I think at this point, most non-idiotic fans understand that he isn't going to be around much longer. The problem is that right now, I don't see another first baseman anywhere in the Brewers system that can step in and give us any kind of production.

2) Cut Soup. He is wasting a roster spot. I think the message has been recieved that he will never start again. We've used I think 9 other starters other than him. He's been that bad. I would much rather give the roster spot to a young pitcher that deserves it.

3) Consider the Hoffman situation. This one is pretty tough. He's been awful. And I don't think he's going to turn it around. But how do you cut a hall of famer? I'm sort of hoping we can convince him to retire.

4) Start your best players. This sounds dumb, but this isn't something that is a guarantee for the Brewers. For instance, I have more confidence in both Kottaras and Lucroy than I do in Zaun. Lucroy is obviously the future. So when Zaun comes back, don't hand him the job because he's old and well paid. This is only the most glaring situation, but trading Fielder (and Hart?) would open up a few spots for some younger guys to try thier luck. And let Axford close unless you think Braddock is better, but don't give it to Hoffman.

5) Stop spraypainting Rick Peterson's uniform on him. I honestly preferred when he wore a coat in 85 degree weather. He is just offputting. Mrs. Juice says "He looks like a perv." Agreed.

One last thought: How did we get here? Five years ago, I would be thrilled not to be in last place, and now I'm bitching about not being the playoff hunt.

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ricky said...

Move Hart to first base. Move Gamel to right field.