Monday, June 21, 2010

Twinkies: Round 2

Ah, it is pretty goddamn hard to get excited about the Crew (29-40) taking on the Twinkies (40-29). I'm not going to lie. Getting one would be a victory. I'm going via drunk bus on Saturday. Fun will be had by all.

Onto more fun things: June 17, 1994, the 30 for 30 movie, was fucking awesome. I had forgotten how insane it was. I do remember where I was watching that NBA Finals game (parent's basement, undoubtedly dreaming up this shitty blog that I would be writing 16 years later, even though the internets hadn't been invented in rural Northeast Wisconsin yet). I don't remember people SPRINTING down the streets of L.A. following the Bronco and the police. It was insane. And then crowding around the Brentwood Estate. All while it was known that O.J. had a gun and was threatening suicide (which I also didn't remember, or did I remember Kardashian reading the suicide note on live T.V.) and there were about 1,000 police officers with guns too. The GUY WAS ACCUSED OF DOUBLE HOMICIDE!!! And people were cheering and crowding a (low speed) chase. Watching again was the craziest thing ever. As with all the 30 for 30 (greatest thing ESPN has ever done), I highly, highly recommend it.

-Went to a bar in rural Northeast Wisconsin for a surprise birthday party. I was designated driver (which sucks). A random dude with a sleeveless t-shirt on walked INTO the bar with an open can of beer. Also, I got hit with a sandwich from about 25 feet away. I was not happy. Or drunk.

-The U.S. Open was kind of entertaining yesterday. I like watching pros suck balls (which looks a lot funnier than I meant it to be).

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