Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Congratulations St. Louis!

I am of course, congratulating them for their 2006 World Series Championship which obviously happened last week, and to the NL MVP Jeff Suppan who is starting tonight's game. There is no doubt, that since it is 2006, Suppan will continue his success and lead the Cards to back-to-back (more?) World Series titles. It is too bad the Brewers could not put together a package to get Suppan to sign with them, because it is obviously still 2006.


It ISN'T 2006? Suppan DID sign with the Brewers and post a 29-36 record with a sterling 5.08 ERA and a 1.60 WHIP all while earning $40 million dollars?!?!?!? Where have I been? More importantly, where the fuck has Tony La Russa been? (Other than the tavern). And is Dave Duncan in ultimate fuck you mode that he thinks he can turn Soup around? Is his next trick to bring back Turnbow and Gagne to close? For an organization that is allegedly the best in baseball, this is un-fucking-believable.

Prediction: Mariners 7, Cardinals 5. Soup 3 1/3, 6ER, 1K, 4BB, which would be a huge improvement. Also, fuck the Cardinals.

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