Thursday, September 12, 2013


The time is here again.  That time when I have the Craigslist Green Bay Tickets Classifieds open all week so that I can hit refresh every 10 minutes or so in order to get cheap Packers tickets.  It's actually a little bit embarrassing.  If I wasn't a cheap asshole, or if I didn't have a moral issue with paying people two or three times over face value for tickets, I could go to just about every game.  There is definitely value in going to Lambeau on Sunday afternoon that can't really be defined monetarily. I choose however, to arbitrarily put a ceiling on what I'm willing to pay, in order to avoid being broke or divorced.  On top of a ticket, a guy is easily paying $20 (on the very low end) to eat and drink, even if he's savvy enough to park for free like I am.  In addition to the money, your day is completely shot.  For a noon game, I'm leaving the house no later than 9am, and probably not getting home until at least 4:30.  That's a full day.  It's a fucking fantastic day, but it's nice to sit my fat ass on the couch and watch a full day of football too.  For that reason, I obsessively scour the Internet all week for good deals on tickets.  My system typically allows me to go to a game or two a year without severely overpaying to do it.  That's probably enough.  Since I'm never getting season tickets, it seems like a good way to go about doing it.

At this point, I'm probably not going to the game this weekend barring a change in circumstances.  The absolute cheapest I've seen is around $125, which is $50 over face value.  Shit is just a mess.  Not worth it to me.

PS. As I type this, I'm receiving tweets/texts about tickets available.  I got people watching.  Shit is intense. I gotta go check into some shit.

PPS. I've got a huge problem with dickheads who get 50 season tickets somehow, and then expect to make a $100 profit on every ticket every week.  And then don't go to the games.

PPPS. I've got another problem with people who don't care who they sell tickets to, and we end up with 10,000 Bears fans in Lambeau.

PPPPS.  There was little to no point in this post.  I'm sorry I wasted that one person's time that will read this.

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